Are you as fed up as I with Chinese made gardening tools and machines!!!?

I just bought and used the "Task Force" edge trimmer sold at Lowes. It is a completly useless tool! Don’t even think about buying it! Once again another useless product that I have invested my time and money on made in China. I am taking it back today! Some months ago I purchased a automatic sprayer from ‘Cepia’. In theory this device would have saved me hours of time. But because it is so poorly made I wound up throwing it in the trash after much frustration.
I myself am now on a crusade to boycott as many Chinese made products as possible…even if it means going without!
In light of all the hazardous recalls and poor quality, what do you think our government should do, and what do you think we as American citezens should do to rid ourselves of being pretty much conned into buying these products sold by what are supposed to be reputible companies like Lowes and Home Depot?

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    3 Responses to “Are you as fed up as I with Chinese made gardening tools and machines!!!?”

    1. wxone29 Says:

      I’m with you too! As stated above though, it is hard to find products made in America. The only thing that can be done about it is simply not buy them. I also refuse to shop at Wal Mart for that reason and many others.

    2. MajorTom? Says:

      Damn right! The problem is finding anything made anywhere else, especially USA!?!?

    3. tiger Says:

      you get what you paid for spend alittle you get junk you send aought you get junk everything now days is made in china. These days everything is made out of cheat material so it doesnt last long its a win win for the retailer and a lose lose for the customer it seems like once the warranty is ended the thing breaks or breaksdown they test everything so it doesnt last long this way they can make more money

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