Basic Gardening Tips : How to Build a Compost Pile

Learn how to start and maintain a garden in this free gardening video. Expert: Tia Pinney Bio: Tia Pinney is a Teacher Naturalist and Adult Program Coordinator at Mass Audubons Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

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    22 Responses to “Basic Gardening Tips : How to Build a Compost Pile”

    1. TheBrassHole Says:

      it doesn’t matter. Even dry it will eventually compost. Just makes it take longer thats all. Everything composts… eventually… allways.

    2. chiongki06 Says:


    3. ChickenAwesome Says:

      Except plastic and metal

    4. TheBrassHole Says:

      Even plastic and metal… eventually

    5. culllloooo Says:

      composting is the breaking down of material…….. wich is rotting via microbs the same thing that happens on the forest floor.
      and you dont need a plastic barrel with holes in it. we make 20,000 cubic yards every six months piled on the ground in wind rows.

    6. culllloooo Says:

      o a tip. do not plant directly into compost.
      mix it in with existing soil for log term better garden soil.
      and it is just to spungie.

    7. iamgabrielf Says:

      This woman is good.

    8. WindEnergy7 Says:

      Nice video on composting. I am showing this to the kids as we are planning a compost bin, or maybe just a pile for next year to use in the garden and flower beds I’m growing.

    9. bobinmissouri Says:

      that patch on her arm looks like the NWO patch

    10. ROTTIMAN31 Says:

      @goolden1 yep, shame on zionist israhell.

    11. EvenKeelMedia Says:

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    12. fatturdburger Says:

      I crap in my compost bin!

    13. Allen2045 Says:

      I work in a resturant and get all the scraps I need. Dozens of egg shells that I rince the stick in the oven for a few minutes place in a paper sick and crush them. Also I can get all the coffee grounds and tea bags. On my 2nd batch of compost I beleave it will take longer because of winter coming

    14. funimationlover1 Says:

      @fatturdburger hahahahaha wtf thats so funny

    15. Mcvthree Says:

      That guy has a real high voice!

    16. hurleysux Says:

      This guy’s voice is odd….. And the way this compost pile is going its to complicated. just dump what you have in the pile as you get it. stir it up now and then, and add a can of beer.

    17. sethzky77 Says:

      Is she pulling security on planet vulcan? What’s that weird shirt?

    18. vividDC Says:

      I have found this tool to be equally as necessary as compost for my garden. It kills weeds very efficiently and requires no bending over – weedcaneDOTcom

    19. tvaughanx Says:

      find some clay in the yard dig a hole throw ur stuff in there gg

    20. batbawls Says:

      @sethzky77 That made my day. hahaha

    21. oarfrost Says:

      @hurleysux “And the way this compost pile is going its to complicated. just dump what you have in the pile as you get it. stir it up now and then, and add a can? of beer.”
      Actually, I usually drink the beer, piddle in a bucket, fill the bucket with water and chuck the mixture on the compost heap.

    22. GardenToolCaddy Says:

      Great video! Thanks for sharing!

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