Basic Gardening Tools

Basic Gardening Tools – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. First of all you need to have a good spade, a spade rather than a shovel, or a shovel that is not a scoop shovel, the kind you can dig with. You need to have a real garden rake, you ought to have a bamboo rake, and a hoe. You know, a spade and a hoe, and some muscles, to get out there. Pruning clippers, or some kind of clippers. Usually people need two, little ones for snipping off dead-heads and big clippers and pruners for the branches that you need to cut back. That is a whole other story, but its fun to cut things back, takes out all your frustration. You know, you can say, “Take that! And that!” What else would I have to have? I would like to have a pair of gloves, and then for weeds I kind of like those things that are called Hula Hoops that have a long handle because I do not get down on my knees as easy as I used to, and they have this blade so you can get the weeds right under the ground. If you have those, and a watering can, and a good hose, and a spray, and maybe one of those extenders you put on a hose that you can water baskets, that is pretty good. Those are really the essentials. Oh, a digging trowel! So you can get down and plant plants because most of the time you are on your knees when you are planting plants. So a real good trowel is nice and strong.

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