Best priced place to buy basic gardening tools and plants?

I live in California and am moving to a house that is already fairly landscaped, but I would like to plants a few other items like flowers, small decorative shrubs, small vegetable garden, etc. I really have no gardening tools and need to get some basics like shovel, rack, weeder, etc. I want to know that best place ( for the money) to purchase these items.

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    3 Responses to “Best priced place to buy basic gardening tools and plants?”

    1. Rosalie Priest Says:

      Target’s dollar section sometimes has gardening tools. T.j. Maxx always has a gardening section with the BEST prices. On Amazon you can get already used stuff in good condition for good prices.

    2. A Little Curious Says:

      This is one of those areas where cheapest isn’t usual best. I spent years buying cheap tools that needed to be replaced every year, and sometimes twice a year, before I learned that. Even the occasional hole that must be dug will bend a trowel or break the handle of a cheap shovel.
      Get the more expensive, higher grade product and it will last many seasons.

      Good luck

    3. Achinogirl Says:

      Home depot

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