Black & Decker Cordless Trimmer Edger review

Reviewing a recently purchased Black & Decker cordless trimmer edger 18 volt catalog number NST2018 review. Purchased at Home Depot, also on sale at Wal-Mart. At the time of purchase both sold the items for .00. Comes with two batteries and a charger. Takes approximately 8 hours to charge, however the charge last a very long time. The trimmer also edges. It is very light, easy to handle, and versatile. No electric cord or gas and oil to handle. YouTube channel: PropagandaBuster YouTube channel: PropagandaBuster2 PropagandaBuster Blog: Black & Decker cordless trimmer edger catalog number NST2018 review Home Depot Wal-Mart propagandabuster propagandabuster2 propaganda buster tony product review Black and Decker yard work garden tools

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    4 Responses to “Black & Decker Cordless Trimmer Edger review”

    1. MadBadVoodo Says:

      Great Vid Tony!!

      Thumbs Up my Friend!!

    2. DNYLNY Says:

      I found this video great plus you’re a great character. wouldve liked to see it in action though.

    3. CzapigaKielbasa Says:

      Let me know if you feel the same way after about 3 years.

    4. golfmandan Says:

      A little close there, Tony! The cameraman no longer has a mustache!

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