Can someone identify this garden tool?

It is kind of like a humansize set of pliers that i believe you break up soil with, It is very large and hard to handle. Part of it is made of wood and the rest is made of some kind of metal-the part you pick up stuff or break up stuff with.

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    5 Responses to “Can someone identify this garden tool?”

    1. John M Says:

      Sounds like a post hole digger. Kind of a giant set of salad tongs. Its used to dig narrow holes straight down (such as for a fence post). Hence "post hole digger"

      Looks like this:

    2. Cain Says:


    3. Johnny Says:

      I am sure it is a giant nut cracker for cracking coconuts.

    4. fluffernut Says:

      Yeah, sounds like a post hole digger. You hold both wooden handles and drive in, one fluid hard motion into the ground and then manipulate the clam shells together by pulling the wooden handles away from one another, hopefully capturing some soil and pull straight up and empty your "catch" and start over.

    5. lost,torn,alone,confused Says:

      Chain breaker pliers. or you may just have a post hole driver..

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