Easy way to get soil ready for a vegetable garden?

I’ll have a 12′ x 4.5′ garden and need to get the soil ready. Our soil is largely clay. I’ve got compost, sand. mulch, and can get manure (though I think the compost is sufficient). I’ve got a good shovel and a Garden Claw and metal rake and other tools.

Now I need suggestions on how to get the soil ready for the seeds I plan to plant in the next few days. Any procedures or links to easier ways to get the soil ready would be appreciated.


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    3 Responses to “Easy way to get soil ready for a vegetable garden?”

    1. Uh Huh Says:

      Sounds like you’re ready to go. Spread the sand evenly, then spade the plot (take a full shovel bite and turn the soil over… repeat). Then add your compost and turn it all in with the claw.once it is finely powdered, take a handfull and ensure that you have about a 60-40 sandy clay to compost ratio. If not add more compost or the manure, but keep in mind the the manure will introduce a lot of weeds to the garden.

      If you have time, water the plot for a wek or so, then work it with the claw again. This will eliminate any germinating weeds before you plant.

      Spread the mulch after you plant to help the garden retain moisture and to feed the plants throughout the year.

      Good luck!

    2. Sandy G Says:

      Old fashioned digging is the best way, and you have a small patch so it won’t take you more than a couple of hours and is good exercise.

      Spread your compost and sand over the area to be dug. Dig out a trench 6 – 9 inches deep with a shovel and put the dirt to the side. (Actually it is a lot easier to dig clay with a garden fork, if you can find one. It breaks up the soil more easily and is less work). Dig a second trench next to the first and dump the soil in the first trench as you go along. This brings the soil from the bottom to the top and buries the weed seeds that are in the top inch or two. Keep going till you have done the whole area. Rake the whole area and break up any big lumps. Leave it for a couple of days to settle before you plant. Better — wait for a rainstorm.

    3. MzBeautiFuL Says:

      Well it sounds like you’re already…Just lay your soil down and start planring.But the best wat to get your soil ready id in the fall.Make the beds for your veggies and fruits and cover it with your backyard leaves or hay….That keeps the soil furtlized.Then come spring time and you’re ready to plant all you have to do is move the leaves or hay and you would already have your compost down(cause you layed it down in the fall)…and all you would have to do is plant.That’s how i do yes i put a lil bit more compost down on the beds if they really need it.

      Good Luck have fun growing your veggies/fruits/flowers!

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