Fiskars Garden Tools

Less effort. More Garden.

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    5 Responses to “Fiskars Garden Tools”

    1. tbonethugg Says:

      great product. lol @ 6:35

    2. sanchez04301972 Says:

      this product is for home woners no comercial

    3. edwardavis Says:

      OK video but where did you find this lame music? Fiskars makes so many types of pruning tools…it is great the company has a video to show the differences. I use many of the products in my commercial landscaping business. Some are extremely durable and suitable for commercial use (contrary to what sanchez04…says). The telescopic pruners are the BEST I’ve tried in their price range.

    4. monkeyboy4746 Says:

      The telescopic pruners really rock! The hard part of the job becomes picking up all the cut limbs that you are able to generate in such a short period of time.

    5. monkeyboy4746 Says:

      OK, on another subject, these tools have gotten better and better in the last 20 years or so, the muscle power to operate these tools has dropped dramatically which allows women to be able to do yardwork that they could have never done before. I have also seen that in the last 20 years fewer and fewer women that will do yardwork of any kind. Is the pendulum starting to swing back to the 1950’s?

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