Garden Tools #21 Naturia Maron


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    5 Responses to “Garden Tools #21 Naturia Maron”

    1. MrRoyalkid Says:

      Special cosmobeet, ur turn summon maron dump pineapple sync to beast..

      Or if u want to dump ladybug n if u synchro to naturia synchro u can bring him out n boost ur synchro

    2. MrRoyalkid Says:

      I like him alot cuz now u can run cliffs with ur pineapple cuz maron will get those cliffs on grave yard back to deck so not to mess you up with pineapple

    3. TTSNUFF Says:

      @MrRoyalkid hmm lady bug could be cool… but i wouldnt want to draw it

    4. TTSNUFF Says:

      @MrRoyalkid yea its nice for that but i feel that the dependence on traps that naturias have conflicts more with pineapple then the types of cliff, butterfly, mantis, dragonfly, barkion, landoise, and generic syncs… i think pineapple just wasnt ment for pure naturia builds

    5. NaturiaPlaya Says:

      Awesome stuff rite here

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