gardening tools?

hey there!
i have recently developed an interest in gardening. I am a dimwitt as far as gardening is concerned, please help me to
1- collect gardening tools(basic)
2-flowers and plants. how to get and sow them.

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    4 Responses to “gardening tools?”

    1. ~?Sasha?~ Says:

      Ok… First, basic garden tools….

      You will need…..

      (I prefer the narrow, transplanter trowel)
      *Garden gloves (water proof, preferably)


      *Knee cushion
      *Pruning Sheers
      *Bucket/basket to carry supplies around in
      *Hand rake

      The tools you need will depend on what you plan to do, really.

      Here are some websites that tell a little about gardening tools….

      Next, your plants….

      You have three choices:

      1. Seed
      2. Bulb
      3. Potted plants

      For instant results, nothing beats the potted plant!
      But… Nothing beats seed if you are wanting to stay on the economical side!
      …Why not a combination, a few plants, and several packets of seed? =)

      You can get seeds online, in garden shops (local nurseries, Walmart, Kmart, even the Dollar Stores)… Some grocery stores carry seeds.

      What type of flowers/plants you choose really depends upon your preference.

      As for flowers that are easy to start from seed, I would recommend Marigold, Zinnias, Pansies and Petunias.

      You may want to choose a combination of flowers, foliage plants (Hostas, Caladium, Ferns, etc), herbs and even veggies if you’d like.

      A couple of websites to get some tips and ideas….

      Gardening for beginners:

      Also see:

      Good luck, and have fun in your new garden!
      Gardening can be addictive… =)

    2. Greg F Says:

      My favorite that I use most often is a long handle shovel that has a relative small 6 inch blade. It’s been very usefull over the years.
      You’ll probably want some basic books about plants, to know what grows best in your area, some are annuals, some are perennials. You usually can find these and the shovel, and probably some good advice at your local garden center.

    3. Scott K Says:

      You’ll need a gardener’s shovel (or spade,) trowel, cultivator, and probably a bow rake and hoe. I have found that a posthole digger works well for transplanting potted trees and shrubs into the ground. Seeds and cuttings are kind of dicey, buy the started plants and shrubs at the nursery. Make sure you pay attention to the sunlight needs (shade/sun) and the plants’ hardiness (winter temperatures.)

    4. reynwater Says:

      Bypass pruners (not anvil) and a 6" drop forged trowel are good starting tools. trowel is great for popping out weeds, digging small holes for planting, squishing unwanted beasty bugs.

      Get beautiful flowers you enjoy, plunkem in the ground….experiment, learn.

      play in the dirt!

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