Gardening Tools As Gifts, Really?

Of course, they make excellent gardening gifts. Gardening tools are an important part of every gardener’s life. Having the right tools means that your gardener is prepared, happy, and ready to do almost anything. Ergonomic tools are great gardening gifts as well. They make gardening easier on the knees and back. The right tools can mean the difference between hours of gardening pleasure and painful, back-breaking work. Invest in a few quality tools and your time in the garden will be far more rewarding.

Gardening tools are so varied, but which one do you need? Hand gardening tools are a must and you cannot do without them. Most people are aware of the traditional hand gardening tools that include things like a small shovel, hoe and weeders. Today, there are more choices than ever to get those special gardening gifts. Many of these tools are unique and offer even the weekend gardener a convenient way to take care of a garden.

Shovels, spades and trowels are the basics. A shovel is used for scooping loose materials, such as sand, while a spade is made for digging. D-shaped handles make it easier to lift what you have dug or scooped. Look for forged metal with a sharp digging edge. A trowel is a mini-spade, for planting annuals and perennials. A spading fork is used for turning over soil and compost. A square spade is used for turning over existing beds, and planting large plants.

In earlier days, garden tools resembled those used on a farm. They were not so great as gardening gifts and we had to make due with them, regardless of their size. Today, there are specialized tools to fit any job. We have composters, laser levels, seed spoons, planting tools, augers for digging holes for bulbs, spreaders for fertilizers, hoes, axes, loppers, pruning shears, trimmers, forks for weeding, sheers, digging tined forks and cultivators, just to name a few. You may want to consider electric tools for gardening gifts as well. Cordless gardening tools can cut the job in half and make the work easier with less effort. They are also very easy to clean. Just wipe with a clean cloth.

Seats and benches that you can sit on to take care of the garden make good gardening gifts too. These benches should be easy to fold up and carry around the yard, as well as be low enough to the ground to work the soil. Don’t forget that your gloves are tools too. They need to be thick enough to avoid getting stickers, yet flexible enough to garden with.

Selecting hand garden tools that are appreciated as gardening gifts just takes a little research. Once you have your tools, please make sure to take care of them so that they lead long and useful lives. Many people do not treat their tools well, not realizing that proper maintenance means easier work. Now, you are ready to get busy with your new, sleek garden tools that slice through the ground like a knife through butter. The gardening tools of yesteryear are now engineered with precision and durability. Get yourself a good set. You don’t want to be like the carpenter without a hammer, do you?  😉

Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools

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