How many out there consider a firearm a garden tool like a rake or shovel?

I just nailed two of the cutest little bunnies with an old clap-trap single shot 22 that was in my potting shed when I bought the place. They should be tasty considering they are flavored with a whole row of my cabbage.
Geeze, people what did you think I was doing, shooting neighborhood kids out of my apple trees?
I seem to have found a mole in my garden. Cute in a hedgehog sort of way. I find them good for the yard and garden and amazing to watch tunnel at full throttle. I also find it therapeutic to kick and stomp down the fresh soil with bare feet. Welcome Moley – RScott
Spectre – The term "gun" works for me and I’m ‘scary’ good with them rifled or not. Yes, I enjoy hunting it’s challenging, relaxing, healthy and even FUN but it does involve killing. I’m a rancher and I am amazed that 50% of kids in school think we grow hamburger in Styrofoam trays sitting on diapers covered in a Saran Wrap uterus. I am am pro hand gun laws and have my concealed weapons permit, it’s who I am. RScott
Sheila G – sorry. RScott

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    18 Responses to “How many out there consider a firearm a garden tool like a rake or shovel?”

    1. rickaraizagreen3 Says:

      I wouldn’t consider a "Garden Tool", but since I live in Texas, most folks out this way have weapons. I own several. If I had a problem with a pest population, I’d use whatever means at my disposal to address the problem. I’ve actually hunted rabbit near Plainview, Texas and when cooked properly, tasted just like fried chicken. There’s so many PC individuals out there, I feel like they’d abandon reason just to conform to the ‘PC Census’. It sickens me,the height of hypocracy some of these yahoos go to. "Oh no…don’t hurt the bunnies!" "Meat is Murder" and other such garbage. I do agree that there are some unscrupulous individuals out there that will abuse and neglect animals. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. But I’ve also attended bullfights in Mexico on Easter Sunday and helped butcher calves, hogs and such for a family wedding, attended rodeos and Horse Races in New Mexico.

      As for firearms, I’m currently a NRA member and a CMP member, and am looking forward to purchases of a Bolt Action Springfield, an M-1 Garand and an M-14. My mother taught me to shoot at the tender age of 10, and althought I regularly win money on friendly bets to friends, I always lose to her.

    2. Henry Ate My Eggo Says:

      Not any more, not since I got citified.

    3. tyler durden Oƒƒicial Says:

      In Germany handguns are only allowed with a "Waffenschein" meaning only people with a perfect reputation and a REASON (certified hunters and sport) everybody else its a no can do. Germany has about 80 000 000 people and about 30 deaths due to criminals, mostly amongst themselves.

      I like our laws

    4. ROADRUNNER Says:

      You are kidding, I hope. A firearm is for hunting and self defense. I appreciate the 2nd amendment but find your question a bit disturbing.

    5. elyslund Says:

      If they are that stupid, they ought to be arrested for being an idiot.
      Hell! If they’re THAT used to a firearm….something’s going on with them, and it ain’t good.

    6. Upbeat Says:

      I would certainly consider it as a useful tool in certain areas. We used to find rattlers in our garden area and, while I wouldn’t normally kill a snake that’s just doing its own thing, I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot a snake that took a stance on me. (took a slither?)
      Killing bunnies that are eating the cabbage is a reasonable thing to do if they are shot cleanly with something like that lil ole 22 that you used. Bunny stew is yum!

    7. peppersham Says:

      In some rural areas yes.Some local animals think everything is theirs no matter how much you try to share.And of course some snakes are just bad.

    8. Jerry Lee Says:

      I do not.
      1) It is a much more complicated contraption, and depends on expendible supplies (bullets)
      2) It is appropriate (if at all) for a much larger piece of land
      3) It is less safe for use or keeping around children and neighbors.

    9. Sptfyr Says:

      No, can’t stand fire arms. Although, I did have fun shooting cans with one once. Two bunnies? How very sad. I had a bunny in my garden and I just let eat what he wanted. I would say hi and give you a big cyber hug, but since we’re in Garden and Landscape, I might get the boot if I show any human emotion…hehehe. Great to see your still around 😉

      I see Garden and Landscape is still over run with trolls. Too bad you can’t take pot shots at them.

    10. Biccy's Residence Says:

      You ##B@rstar’!!# wait till I see your butt bending over to pick the rest of those cabbages.

      Fondest regards


    11. Sheila G Says:

      I think killing bunnies sucks RS.

    12. monty069 Says:

      would not be in my garden without one– I’ve saved my best dog and myself a lot of discomfit from Copperhead for the dog black snake for me– dang thing wanted my tomato’s huh was not going to happen from the garden’s of southern Ohio we say hi

    13. Dan the brick man Says:

      its a tool…3 woodchucks on 4 shots…got a yard full of bunnies but for some reason they dont mess with my garden…lots of clover in the yard i guess…i never messed with the woodchucks till they came down and got under the mudroom of my house…now its war , and i’m winning…

    14. reynwater Says:

      Absolutely. Here at Greene Achers we systematically fire the old shot gun into the ground to aerate. I think I’ll start loading shells with Osmocote.

      "Waskally wabbit," said Elmer….little buggar has eaten an entire fence line of snow peas. How cheeky is he? He dared so bold as to enter my yard, premisis of 2 large golden goose retrievers (that pee and poop profusely, no golden eggs yet, dayamit) and EAT MY SNOW PEAS INSIDE MY YARD LEAVING 2 AND 1/2 FOR ME TO FIND. erm, sorry.

      Proactive: searched, researched, fabricated 3 snares at points of egress that appear to be "harey" in nature. Think I know how to skin em. Any recipes for hossenfeffer? Care to join me.


    15. stabchopboom Says:

      snakes don’t eat tomatoes, but they do keep the rodent population in check.

    16. ooh_lala.michelle Says:

      i dont

    17. ghike27 Says:

      First off,

      1) is it legal to just shoot a gun in non-hunting areas?

      2) It wouldn’t be that bad that you shot them if it was because you’re a farmer for a living or something or you would be personally affected by the bunnies eating that, but I have a feeling you did it just for fun,

      Which IS wrong.

    18. Spectre Says:

      Well lets look at it in the light of Pests. You have pest weed trying to take over your garden, you dig em out or spray them ie you kill them
      Down here rabbits are an introduced pest species and you shoot them but always a clean kill
      Depending on your circumstances, where you live, densisty of people and your ability to ensure a clean kill I would say Yes. Underground mutton makes a damn fine feed
      I am not a big fan of pest species

      That fella asking is it legal to shoot a gun need t get his facts straight. Generally a gun is a smooth bore weapon and you used a .22 which has a rifled barrel

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