How or where can I get FREE garden supplies?

We are having a Vegetable garden this year. We live near Midland, MI. It will be a 1,000 Sq. feet garden but we do not have a whole lot of money. How can I get free Soil, mulch, Compost, manurer, tools, seeds, plants and anything like that?

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    5 Responses to “How or where can I get FREE garden supplies?”

    1. co2vinny Says:

      First ask co-workers who own homes, homeowners always have stuff they want to get rid of. Also in the local papers at the beginning of the want ads they list the free stuff and you can also list what you’re looking for. Don’t forget the hardware store has all that stuff also and if you know anyone there they can help you, sometimes the bags of the stuff you need break in transit or even at the store, tell them not to throw it away and save it for you. Plants you can get from the nursery again some get messed up in transit and they get rid of them. Last let the neighborhood know what you’re in need of. And last you can ask at your church. good luck………Tell me how you make out.

    2. mksjmyd Says: under free stuff

    3. Kelly D Says:

      ask your neighbors people at church etc. or put a ad in the paper. nothing is FREE in this world so offer anyone that responds to your request some of the bounty when it comes time to harvest

    4. Julie Says:

      a pack of seeds costs like, a dollar at wal-mart. Start your plants from seed instead of buying started plants. the soil around Midland is good, so you shouldn’t need a lot of fertilizer or soil amendments. You might check with local dairy farms to see if they have manure you could haul off.. Sometimes municipalities have yard waste recycling and offer mulch (crappy mulch, but mulch nonetheless) to residents for free.

      for tools.. try estate and yard sales to pick up some on the cheap.

      Sorry, but you get what you pay for.. free stuff is either junk or what one perceives as junk.

      Remember- If someone gives you something.. you should give them back.. you need to share your garden goodies with them.

    5. Angie Says:

      1. – they’ll have a site for the closest large city – probably Midland. Lots of free or for-trade stuff!!

      2. As-is stores for the Goodwill, Salvation Army -this is the last stop for Goodwill stuff if no-one buys it. I’ve got pots and seed trays there for close to nothing.

      3. – still have to pay for shipping ($7.95 per unit – usually two plants) but I’ve received items in good condition from that company. Check it out!

      4. Get online and look for rabbitries, stables, etc, and offer to haul off manure for them – they will be glad to get rid of it, but you have to provide the shovel, wheelbarrow, and vehicle. Just use a piece of plastic to protect your van or car if it needs to go inside anything other than a truck.

      5. I have heard you can buy seeds at Wal-Mart on food stamps, but I have not personally tried this.

      6. Free tools can often be found in the junky parts of town near the end of the month, when people are getting evicted and can’t take everything – just scan the alleys and front yards on garbage day. But do it early before the truck comes. Techincally any garbage put in or near a can belongs to the garbage company – go figure – why they would care is beyond me – I’ve never had a problem but just be aware of the rule.

      HAVE FUN!! Starting a veggie garden is great exercise and so healthy for your family! Good job!

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