How to start a garden?

I have a small flower bed in the front of my home…it is in shade 95% of the time. I would like to plant some flowers or shrubs in there but I have never had a garden before. What tools do I need to begin, and what would work best in that situation?

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    3 Responses to “How to start a garden?”

    1. cat Says:

      i would plant shade loving flowers  like inpatients and other shade loving plant or bush’s . as for tolls if it’s a large garden get a rototiller and till the area while adding a good fertilizer before you plant . if it’s a small area you need to get a rake a shovel also a small shovel called spade . once planted what you want you need to thoroughly water the plants. also you can get books on gardening at your library or local nursery.

    2. Samantha H Says:

      if i were you i would plant flowers that like to be in the shade.

      go to this website it helped me.

    3. trekkie706 Says:

      with that much shade, you need to research what will grow with a small amount of sunlight. Most plants love soil rich in organic matter which you can buy in bags. Miracle grow makes several types of composted organic matter which has fertilizer built in. You need to check the PH of soil. I bought a soil analyzer for $20 @ Lowe’s which will read PH and fertilizer in soil.

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