Japanese house # 9

Yard work and the installation of a Japanese door intercom or door phone as they say. 20000 yen for the unit and its got a camera and night lights with a big color screen inside. 8000 yen more for the wire and stuff to install it. I cleared the overgrown front yard and then dug a ditch and ran the cables for the camera. I had my first experience working with Japanese PVC conduit and it was a breeze. These things are awesome! It will save a snapshot of the person who rang the doorbell when you are not home and it has led lights to illuminate the person at night. It has an adjustable camera and it can be integrated with your home phone and smoke detectors etc. With some units you can get an extra handset like a phone but it has a screen on it so you can carry it with you around the house and not miss a delivery or friend stopping by. Panasonic VL-SV31KL kit VL-MV30K video unit VL-V520L camera

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    25 Responses to “Japanese house # 9”

    1. theuglyninja Says:

      wow great picture from the intercom , toddatron may i ask when you went down to your basement was the hatch you lifted a storage place ?

    2. Mezhona Says:

      Hey Tod! tobad we couldnt get to meet up in tokyo when I was there in 2009, I guess I was using my other account when we were talking about it. Elohim89 I think I used. Love the video’s man! keep at it 😀

    3. ccr1965 Says:

      really cool video dude. The house is coming along very well.
      We have the giant gray bamboo in our back yard like you see at temples, etc in Japan. I’m getting ready to rent a ditch witch and put in a thick 4′ tall underground plastic barrier to contain it pretty soon.

    4. nihonjohnny Says:

      I’m gonna need your homestead assistance someday in the future. All expenses paid to Nagoya plus beer!

    5. qman5 Says:

      Nice clean installation. Good stuff!

    6. Durken316 Says:

      What is 1$ into yen equal?

    7. toddatron Says:

      @nihonjohnny You got it bro!

    8. toddatron Says:

      @theuglyninja Yea its made to store pickles and also acts as a hatch.

    9. toddatron Says:

      @diabolo411 Aiphone makes a similar set up and its available in the US. I used to install a lot of Aiphone stuff back home. Search Aiphone USA

    10. diabolo411 Says:

      @toddatron thanks for the info!

    11. skatermaster001 Says:

      Wow. Good job Todd 🙂

    12. coconutpanda Says:

      I just finished watching all 9 of the Japanese Home vids. Good job! Great job actually. I totally enjoyed the series.

    13. MrFLICKYOLI Says:

      At 2:35 what is that blue metal thing sticking up out of the cement in the lower right corner of the frame?

    14. toddatron Says:

      @MrFLICKYOLI its a scooter or bike locking post. The previous owner had his scooter stolen so he put that in. I just run a cable through the wall or the fence. I will remove that post later when I expand the flower bed:)

    15. SuperTechieJ Says:

      Smoking is bad for you!

    16. toddatron Says:

      @SuperTechieJ So is eating and breathing… thanks for the tip:)

    17. jiggacapone Says:

      @toddatron Rofl, i like that reply

    18. kanariya2010 Says:

      sugoi !

    19. surfer21 Says:

      Great video! Where do you manage to buy the conduit, cable etc? Got any good suggestion where to buy power tools etc?
      When i was there last year found a huge store down on tokyo bay called canes which sold lots of building supplies. Im back in tokyo in a few weeks and need to do a bit of maintenance on my wifes house there…Thinking of installing similar intercom like one you got.
      keep up the good videos

    20. etegg11 Says:

      @SuperTechieJ let him smoke f*** sake

    21. Woohoopanda Says:

      So how’s the house coming along? Are you planning on doing Japanese house # 10, or was this your last one? Would love to see a tour. I was on the Blogtv when you were going to give us a tour, but you said your wife told you not to, so you just showed us your kitchen lol.

    22. toddatron Says:

      @Woohoopanda I am going to start doing more work in the next couple of months but the kitchen is on hold. ( the make shift kitchen is fine for now so spending money on more needed repairs) I will be doing the toilet room and some exterior work so stay tuned. Yea I may do a walk through as a “how it stands to date” thing. Good idea on that.

    23. brokenchopstickz Says:

      i like what you did with your house!
      all hands on work, you did it yourself and looks good!
      well done!

    24. gogaijin Says:

      When are we going to see some more house updates? Also how about a complete tour of the house now that you’ve done some improvements? That would be awesome. You are quite the handyman for sure…

    25. SmellyYomon Says:

      I just watched Japanese house 1-9 and am thrilled by what you’re doing to the place. It looks great. As a side note, I’m a huge IKEA fan, so I enjoyed the little trip to IKEA in Japan that you filmed.

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