Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers and lawn tractors are great machines and the latest models have some features worth checking out. New, fancy zero turn mowers and four wheel steer mowers can make mowing your lawn quicker and easier. Tim Carter of takes you through some of those new lawn mower features.

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    25 Responses to “Lawn Mowers”

    1. BonJoviFan96 Says:

      john deere mowers rule

    2. HAMayoral Says:

      Haha, I love you’re acting!

    3. arnaldo35 Says:

      You can pull a cart with a ZT mower.

    4. Ls7colorado Says:

      @eureka800 X304 u can see it on the side

    5. eureka800 Says:

      @AsktheBuilder does that mean the 4wheel steer mower operates like the bobcat all wheel steer loader?

    6. eureka800 Says:

      @AsktheBuilder that 4wheel steer mower has the same capabilitie like the all wheel steer loader from bobcat

    7. TheIxtab2006 Says:

      I have no idea how to drive one of those and I will like to learn, if its possible , thanks.

    8. SANDiVi4N Says:

      john deeres are over priced just get a simplicity.

    9. TractorWorld Says:

      the first mower the lt series (older one)you used was probly the last good mower john deere made before they came out with the LA series which is a cheep home depot brand. the 4 wheel steer model is awesome that body style or the new X series is amazing! the 90’s JD line up were a great running and great mowing machines, mose had kaws on them and briggs when tey were good not these new brigs that jd and craftsman use on there equipment.

    10. sk8terboy992 Says:

      your videos are great i must subscribe

    11. Response166 Says:

      Nice video.

    12. sk8terboy992 Says:

      yours are the best videos

    13. sk8terboy992 Says:

      are they the newest mowers from john deere i got one called the “stx38”

    14. sk8terboy992 Says:

      @AsktheBuilder that was probably the best video ive seen

    15. beezzard Says:

      you can race them!

    16. ad356 Says:

      i will stick to my much older models and put up with poor turning radius. i will admit that my 71 jd112 and my 71 IH cub cadet 147 have poor turning radius but they are also built much better. they are real heavy duty workhorses allot more than just a lawnmower. they can mow, remove snow, till and do whatever else i need done including pulling heavy loads. the 147 is a hydrostatic i like it allot

    17. kilgoja Says: aren’t supposed to cut in circles in flat open areas…try straight lines rofl

    18. RC4LIF3 Says:


    19. wq1299 Says:

      Sorry but that zero turn mower is a joke! Box store junk! However that 4 wheel steering mower is pretty sweet!

    20. reniisgod Says:

      In Soviet Union..the grass cuts YOU

    21. AsktheBuilder Says:

      @reniisgod Must be a variety like we have here in the USA called sawgrass. It picks up lot’s of silica from the soil and creates a micro fiberglass edge on the blades of grass.

    22. frozenskipper Says:

      @dtolab no, goats

    23. DJwarproductions1 Says:

      Yeah I like to drive in circles to!

    24. wheely132 Says:

      @AsktheBuilder Whoa thats cool! Ha ha I like zero turn mowers, never rode one but look cool. But I would take the 4 wheel turn mowers cause we haul stuff, mow, plow, etc. We have the 1990 Craftsman LT4000 😀

    25. TheAmazingProdigyX Says:

      Thank you very much for the perfect sound clip.

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