Plow Hoss

Maixm Plow Hoss

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    15 Responses to “Plow Hoss”

    1. MadBadVoodo Says:

      WOW! Check that thing out! SWEET!


    2. socallb652 Says:

      Good to hear form you, Have a Great new year, Let us know how it goes.

    3. WalkerTreeFarms Says:


    4. WalkerTreeFarms Says:

      Its not often you see a ONE WHEEL PLOW!!! lol

    5. 500passwords Says:

      pretty cool 🙂

    6. IHMan1066 Says:

      Awesome video never seen anything like it, hopefully you can get it running and be able to use it 5/5*

    7. wolfsheadoil Says:

      Nice ! Never seen one before.

    8. brohaam Says:

      I actually laughed out loud when I saw this unicycle plow! Can’t wait to see it in action.

    9. WalkerTreeFarms Says:

      Unicycle plow hmmm, I never thought about it like that. lol!!!

    10. lunarrn Says:

      I had something similar but the motor was in front of the wheel and the attachments at the rear. It worked wonders if the soil was already turned.

    11. dmorehead34 Says:

      I actually grew up running one of these. Plowed a 1/2 acre garden year round……absolute torture – the muffler blows right in your face…….almost 30 years later though and I can look back and laugh. FYI- Its about 40 years old and still runs like a champ with original Briggs 5 HP

    12. WalkerTreeFarms Says:

      Well, how would you set it up to plow? Because, Im about ready to hill my potatoes and I would like too use it instead of our tractor.

    13. dmorehead34 Says:

      Plowing is fairly straightforward. Make sure the plow is securely bolted on – we mostly used the half-blade. Raise the front wheel a few inches and tighten down – this controls the depth at which the blade goes into the ground. Fire it up and pull the lever and let the blade dig in.

    14. WalkerTreeFarms Says:

      Thanks, and does it matter if the front wheel is to the left or right? Because I think you can adjust that too.

    15. dmorehead34 Says:

      Depends on the blade being used and the depth. I always used it with the wheel on the right. Not sure if it would work the other way, but then again, I never tried. As for how far, it would depend on your depth settings. If you’re making a very small “trench” then the wheel could be close. You’ll develop a feel for it after using it a few times.

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