Polymer Clay Tool Tips 1. Garden of Imagination

SUBSCRIBE & RATE for more FREE craft videos! This video shows how to make a various texture tools from old, multi colored clay. Don’t throw it away! Texture oranges, bread, elephant skin and more! garden-of-imagination.com

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    25 Responses to “Polymer Clay Tool Tips 1. Garden of Imagination”

    1. onquious Says:

      well then.. a half cooked chicken :p

    2. Idemiselenafanoxox Says:

      thx πŸ˜€ U are very smart !

    3. Idemiselenafanoxox Says:

      but where do u get the raser blade ?

    4. Idemiselenafanoxox Says:

      how long do we bake the tin foil in the oven ?

    5. Idemiselenafanoxox Says:

      and wat temp ?

    6. GardenOfImagination Says:

      You don’t need to bake the tin foil.

    7. GardenOfImagination Says:

      Hardware store or walmart.

    8. GardenOfImagination Says:

      Thank you.

    9. lLoveRainingDays Says:

      how long can you keep your clay soft without letting it harden?

    10. GardenOfImagination Says:

      It can for about 6 months before it’s just too hard to work with easily. But there is clay softener liquid that you can add to old clay to recondition it. I don’t use that but if you get some Sculpey that is Translucent. It’s really mushy and makes clay soft without taking the color away.

    11. lLoveRainingDays Says:

      that’s cool πŸ˜€ thx

    12. alizaro Says:

      wht is the think u used at 0:35??????

    13. GardenOfImagination Says:

      It’s a clay scraper. Got it at Hobby Lobby in the clay section. Comes in a set of tools for $10. Don’t forget to look online for the 40% off coupon.

    14. ag469 Says:

      you can also mix it all together and get brown or tan clay, as long as it doesnt have stuff in it.

    15. africalover2009 Says:

      where can i find razor blade like urz??

    16. kmankramer69 Says:

      Don’t stop making vids. there awesome !?

    17. GardenOfImagination Says:

      @kmankramer69 Too sick right now. I’ll be back though.

    18. kmankramer69 Says:

      Ok,hope you get better soon.?

    19. kmankramer69 Says:

      How are u today Angela?? ?

    20. GardenOfImagination Says:

      @kmankramer69 Thank you for asking. Had my birthday party today. Went out to eat with family. Getting better every day since the gallbladder surgery. It’s slower recovery than they tell you at first though.

    21. kmankramer69 Says:

      How r u Angela??

    22. GardenOfImagination Says:

      @kmankramer69 Pretty good. Been painting the house.

    23. kmankramer69 Says:

      That sounds FUN!! ?

    24. kmankramer69 Says:

      Angela today I uploaded my first vid

    25. atomicsoda88 Says:

      i’m a beginning working with clay. What’s the best brand?? What would be the best clay that air dries, and what clay would be good for home oven baking? Which do you recommend. Also where can I buy supplies and find good clay tools? sorry for all my questions

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