quadraplegic using gripping aid with garden tools

This is Rob Smith with his active hands gripping aid that helps people like tetraplegics use tools that they would otherwise find hard to grip see www.activehands.co.uk

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3 Responses to “quadraplegic using gripping aid with garden tools”

  1. robpsmith Says:

    For more info on this product and to buy online go to search for a uk site under the name “Active Hands Gripping Aids”

  2. robpsmith Says:

    all the w’s activehands . co . uk
    but without the spaces.

  3. lbcray Says:

    Nice video. Thanks for sharing. I’m a C 5-6 quadriplegic. Would be great if you could share with us? on our social network. google “pushrim” you will see “life after injury”. Hope to see u there. Take care ๐Ÿ™‚

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