what do I need for a garden?

I want to plant a garden with Veggies and whatnot. What do I need to get started? I figure some seeds, garden tools but which ones? Maybe a small fence to keep the rabbits out? Please help.

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    5 Responses to “what do I need for a garden?”

    1. Jeff Says:

      first remove any existing vegetation if you have grass in this location rent a sod cutter or use a shovel to remove the sod.If you use a shovel make sure it is plenty sharp,with a shovel it can be a little time consuming and hard work.If you don’t have a small tiller that would be a good purchase.You will use the tiller several time in your garden between your crop rows to Control weeds.If the area you choose to start your garden is covered in moore weeds instead of grass spray the area with round-up.It will kill the living vegetation in the area you spray.Make sure you don’t do this on a windy day so the spray doesn’t blow on to any other foliage you want to keep.when you spray walk backwards so you don’t get the round-up on your feet and leave foot prints in your yard.Round up will take about 12 days to completely kill of everything in the area treated.round -up is safe to use and will not effect your new veggies you will be planting.when round-up makes contact with the soil it neutralizes self.After your garden area is free from all grass or weeds a rototiller to till in cotton-burr compost and topsoil if needed and you will be set for growing a healthy garden.

    2. sally Says:

      if you want to make an out door garden, you need to clear out the spot for it. remove all weeds/grass, use a shovel to loosen up the dirt. while loosening the dirt use some water and mix with dirt to make it moist. get some fertilizer mix it in. dig a whole for what ever you choose to plant, (what ever you will choose, will come with directions on how to go on from here… good luck) your local hardware store can help you choose best materials for rabbit protection as well as other gardening supplies

    3. vicky s Says:

      You really just need the basics shovel, rake and some hand tools, when it comes to the hand tools be sure to pick some that fit your hand size, for the most comfort. The hand tools you will need a pair of pruners, handheld hoe, which I think is actually called a trowel, and a small handheld rake like tool. A fence is needed for rabbits and other animals. Nothing is worse than going out next morning after planting and your plants are eaten to the ground, that has happened to me a couple times. And a hose or watering can to water.Hope this helps and good luck. I love to garden it is so relaxing. I almost forgot Jerry Baker has some wonderful gardening books that have helped me alot.

    4. Wahoo Says:

      Start with your soil . Any thing will grow with the proper soil . Sandy soil works best . If you have a large garden buy some sand from the local building supply . It will be so much cheaper than buying small bags . I had our local supply bring me a dump truck load because we have red clay here . Red clay soil is only good for making bricks . Do a little reading and you will be fine .

      Whatnot to do is give your green peppers any nitrogen . They hate nitrogen and will not grow.

    5. Organic Gardener Says:

      Article: How to Start a Garden

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