What is every single thing you need to start a small garden?

I have a nice size yard & i am always buying veggies & throwing them out just as quick b/c they don’t stay fresh in my fridge. I really want to start a small garden to grow my own veggies, but I don’t know where to begin & what tools I need? Can someone tell me what exactly do I need? Links would be helpful too. Thanks!!

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    3 Responses to “What is every single thing you need to start a small garden?”

    1. Lar Says:

      an easy garden to make is to use cinder block as your garden edging then fill with a good mix.. cuts down on the amount of tool and work to prep the garden initially..probably will spend $150-$175 for all materials including plants and seeds for a 64 sq foot garden. http://www.arrow-pestcontrol.com/garden.jpg
      about the only tools you need is a hand spade

    2. me Says:

      Go to the local garden store and have them draw you a sample garden plot. This will tell you what vegetables are compatible with others – how far apart to space them – how many you need for your family size. Different areas have different vegetables that work better and different growing zones and soil. Plus you want to grow things that your family will eat. Eggplant may do well but if no one likes it…

      Once you have the map you can then turn the dirt for that size. That means digging it up about a foot down and turning it over and breaking it up. You will need garden gloves, a spade, a small trowel and a metal rake. Pull stones out that are larger then an egg. Break up the dirt. Test the dirt with a soil test kit and add the proper nutrients add more nutrients the beginning of each month. Raise the garden edge so grass and weeds don’t grow into it from the lawn. Add garden or top soil to the ground. http://www.vigoro.on.ca/soiltest.php

      Buy plants and plant according to the map. Over crowding makes for weak plants. Don’t forget herbs too such as parsley and oregano.

      Then water water water if it doesn’t rain.. Water early AM. Best to water the ground not the plants. Plants like tomatoes will need to be tied to stakes or put in cages. Ground plants like zucchini should be placed on styrofoam not resting in dirt.

      The best link I have is this one..Telling you when to plant and general care. http://www.thegardenhelper.com/


      Soil test kit 12$
      Spade 30$
      Gloves 5$
      Metal rake 20$
      Trowel 10$
      Mini rake 8$

      Cages or Stakes –
      Edging – (logs – big rocks – cinderblocks – UNtreated boards – PVC pipes)

      Fertilizer and lime if PH needs to be corrected (Depends on soil test and what you are planting)


    3. karissa s Says:

      Well the first year it will be alot of work but worth it if you take care of it.
      You have to till the area once or twice and remove any stones, twigs, trash etc.
      Decide what to plant. You can buy almost any seeds cheap however since your growing outside in unknown conditions start with sprouts and pre started plants.
      If your doing tomatoes or any vine foods you will need some rebar for the vines to grow on and pantyhose or something to tie the vine to the metal to keep it upright.
      Some sort of fertilizer worked through the soil a few weeks before planting is best but if not just plant what you want in organized, WELL SPACED rows and make sure to mark them so you know whats growing where. Make sure to keep it well but not over watered and in a place that gets the most sun. You will need a rake to help make even rows for the planting. A hoe to help loosen, airate the soil and a little handheld weeder to help work the soil and tear up any stubborn weeds. Definately recommend some goos gardening gloves since the tools you’ll be working with will tear and blister your skin after awhile and a kneel pillow for your knees because eventually they ache. Every couple weeks use a liquid food for your specific plants(i.e. vegetable food, fruit food or multi purpose). Keep well weeded to allow adequate water and space for your plants. I also recommend a small garden fencing around it as dogs, cats, rabbits and everything else will love your garden as much as you do. If you do decide to use seeds for anything remember that you need more than enough because you need to replant every few weeks to provide better chance of blooming since most seed mixtures are only about 5% actual seed. Watch out for snakes, they like gardens since their are plenty of bugs there but leave them in there. they help clear some of the pests eating your leaves. Make sure to check the plants or seeds or ask where you purchase them when the ideal time for planting is. And as always if you anticipate a storm or high winds you will probably need to cover any tall or vine plants especially tomatoes with a pillowcase or something. Good luck and if you keep at it you’ll love it and it will be easier next year.

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