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How can I start a vegetable/ herb garden in spite of rabbits and mice?

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

We recently moved into our first home (lived in apartments before). I have always been sort of a frustrated gardener- I’ve had lots of container plants. Now that I have a HUGE yard, I want to start a vegetable and herb garden. The problem is, we have lots of rabbits that visit our yard every day, and there are mice in the field behind us (they come into our yard sometimes). I am an animal lover and do not want to poison, trap, or otherwise "get rid of" these animals, but I don’t want them to eat all my veggies (or make the mouse problem worse). Is there anything I can do to protect my garden or discourage these animals from coming in my yard (I have a dog and a cat, but they still come in).

Any serious ideas would be appreciated.

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    Adam and Eve??Questions?

    Thursday, April 14th, 2011

    So the bible says that God created all animals, and then Adam. Adam needed a mate, so he created Eve out of his rib.
    So they chill in the garden of eden, the talking serpent convinces eve to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge (of good and evil) and she in turn gets Adam to eat it too. They became aware of being naked and were ashamed. God curses the snake, Adam and Eve.
    Ignoring the talking snake, making a person out of a rib..ect. I have some questions.

    I was always told that God possesses omniscience and omnipresence. Therefore, he would have been present when the snake was tricking Eve and more so, should have known that the snake would try to tempt Eve and that she would also believe the serpent. If that was true, why didn’t he stop it, or even why bother at all?

    Some say God gave man free will which is fine and dandy, but that doesn’t change the fact that God knew it would happen. And if he didn’t know, then he really isn’t omniscient.

    So did he allow it to happen willingly? Cause that would make him an accessory to the fall of man.

    And if he possesses omnipresence, then he should have been aware what was happening between Eve and the serpent and stuck it down.

    What are your thoughts?
    Evangelist Paul, I doubt i would be first in line, theres 6.8 billion people on the planet, my odds aren’t that good.

    And i am not upset even remotely, i was just looking to see what other people thought about what i proposed.

    But you are right, he didn’t curse Adam and Eve, but still punished them and all of mankind.
    42: I’ve seen it for a while, but I decided it was about time more people debated certain topics in mature, logical ways without all the ignorance and name calling.

    Quizzard: Granted it could be a test, but if god is omniscient, then he would of known the end result before it took place. So why bother testing?

    Hardcore Liberal: I like to think it spoke with a really suave Spanish accent. I heard it drives the ladies crazy.

    Geeb: i considered that possibility, that God intended for it to happen. But that opens a whole new set of topics that I’ll get into one day.

    Kayla: i congratulate you on being a level headed Christian with good reasoning. Also, thank you for not telling me i was going to hell.
    Mr. Immortel: How can one be all knowing and yet not possess foreknowledge. If he knows all possible future events and possibilities, that doesn’t mean he knows whats going to happen which would suggest he is not all knowing. And what does "using his foreknowledge selectively" mean? If he can use it selectively, then you suggest he has control of when to use it and can choose to foreknow? everything.

    For number two, Some say he is omnipresent, others say he isn’t and others say he is on various levels. But If he was omnipresent he is everywhere at once, so he would never have to leave heaven.

    So if god wasn’t watching / listening to eve, what was he doing? There were only 2 people on earth, it couldn’t have been that exciting.

    So he didn’t stop the incident because he trusted Eve. But she disobeyed him. So did God make a mistake in trusting Eve?

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      How to help prevent E. Coli in a home vegetable garden?

      Sunday, April 10th, 2011

      With a the recent problems of vegtables being recalled because of E. Coli contamination is there any way to help prevent my vegtables from being contaminated too? I know that E. Coli is a bacteria naturaly found in the digestive trac of animals. Since a lot of people use munure aren’t they at risk of an E. Coli contamination in thier gardens? Also E. Coli can be present in the water supply people are using to water their plants. Is the only way to know for sure to have my soil and water tested? So far the only recommendation I’ve found is to throughly wash vegetables before consumtion.

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        Windowsill Herb Garden & Plant Accessories?

        Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

        I have a small windowsill garden where I am growing a few herbs like basil and that sort of thing. I need a source for small potted plant accessories like miniature tomato cages or trellises because my herbs are getting tall and the garden center, nursery, Target, all those type of stores don’t have anything for small pots, only large garden plants. There must be a source somewhere for small sized garden accessories. I do not want to move these plants outside as I have many animals around that will eat them and I don’t have a yard to plant them in. I also don’t want to junk the pots up by sticking in things like chopsticks. I want them to look nice, just miniature versions of what one would find in a garden outside. I actually looked at a dollhouse website and found some trellises but they are really expensive! Any other sources would be greatly appreciated!

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        My dog is pissing me off. Help!!!?

        Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

        I have a year old lab/greyhound mix that has an enormously large backyard, lots of soft and hard chew toys and 3 friends to play with (one dog, two cats). He won’t stop chewing my blankets, garden decor and other things. He also won’t stop digging. And it’s not that it’s hot or that there are animals we need to worry about. It is totally pissing me off and I have no idea how to stop it. I have tried putting him on a lead and he just digs holes around him bc he’s pissed off. We have tried giving him the run of the backyard with a warm place to go to sleep in. We have tried many things. HELP!!!
        I have tried keeping him in the house but then he chews on blankets, gets in the trash.

        I would love to take him to obedience training except that he know how to sit, walk on a leash, and all the fun tricks they learn at training.

        What kind of punishment is acceptable?
        I appreciate the feedback. To those whom think I shouldn’t own dogs…. I absolutely love my dogs however I feel a little overwhelmed and that is why I have asked for suggestions. Nicole I don’t appreciate your comments as I love my dog and I spend as much time with him as I do my toddler. He is very well taken care of it is just when I am at work that these things happen. Then I come home having to clean up after his mess or repair blankets because he got bored during the day.

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        Which of the following would you be willing to bid on at an auction?

        Friday, October 15th, 2010

        1. tools, of any kind
        2. a home
        3. a vehicle
        4. a guy or a gal,for charity
        5. kitchen gadgets
        6. pet supplies
        7. garden decor;;;gnomes,flamingo’s,arbors etc…
        8. Art
        9. antiques
        10. animals / livestock
        More than one answer is cool….=)


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        Kitten urinating in indoor garden, ideas to stop this?

        Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

        I am asking this question for my mother. Our family cat of 16 years had to be put to sleep a few months ago and in her old age she started not wanting to brave the cold outside to toilet and instead was using the indoor garden. Now 3 or 4 months later mum has got a new kitten for the family but she is trying to use the same spot inside as our old cat. I read that cats do this because the smell of previous animals is really strong to them even though it has been cleaned. So Mum wants to stop this behavior ASAP. The kitten is really good and goes outside, she has a cat door and is really good about using it and gets lots and lots of praise when she goes outside, but she still tries to use the indoor garden as well. It is full of alive plants and is a big stone planter box so it can’t be removed. Any ideas on how to stop this or anything we can spray around live plants that will deter kitty? Oh one more thing, mum has tried one thing that you sprinkle around, not sure of the name of it I think its some sort of orange crystals but its not helping, and she has tried putting pebbles on top of the dirt but kitty still just tries to dig the pebbles out of the way to get to the dirt.

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