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What is the right thing to do in this situation?

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Here’s the deal:

My family is from Kansas.
His family is from Mexico.
He, myself and parts of our family live in Texas.

Our families have offered to help financially with small stuff (his mom will help with the cake, my mom will do the centerpieces, etc.) but he and I are taking care of the big stuff and everything else financially. We both have decent jobs but we’re not rich.

OPTION #1 (BRIDE’S FAV): The origional plan was to do an intimate local botanical garden wedding in the fall. Followed by a dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. 50 people tops. Probably closer to 35. Something simple like this is has been my dream. Simple wedding, simple dress, simple decor followed by an AWESOME week-long honeymoon.

OPTION #2 (GROOM’S FAV): As we were saving for the garden & vendor reservation fees, one of our friends highly reccomended a bed and breakfast… and brought us a brochure. We agreed to look into it, visited it, and my groom FELL IN LOVE with the location and wants to do it there the following spring. They require a minimum of 75 people, we can only use their food, cake & vendors (so our family may not be as open to helping), and it’s going to cost about 8k. If we did this we’d skip the honeymoon.

OPTION #3 (MY FAMILY’S FAV): My mom and grandparents suggested doing it on their land in Kansas next spring. They have over 50 acres and a horse arena that is brand new and has never been used by animals. She thinks we can invite as many as we want and still keep it fairly reasonable.

OPTION #4 (HIS FAMILY’S FAV): His mom suggested doing it in Mexico next summer in a hacienda by their house. She says we can invite 200 people and spend ,000 tops. She took photos of the area, put together a vendor list and got everything pretty much all planned out.

My job is pretty chaotic (long hours, very stressful & competitive). So I would secretly feel overwhelmed by a big wedding and cheated if we didn’t have enough money for a relaxing honeymoon just the two of us. But I’m the only one who feels this way and feel selfish hanging onto the idea of the first option when everyone else (my groom included) wants something else. What would you do?
Sorry it’s so long… geesh. Thanks in advance for your responses.

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    Ideas for wedding outdoor decor…..?

    Sunday, November 14th, 2010

    I need help with decorating not pews but chairs. I can’t hang anything from them. It would have to be tied to the chair. They are white folding chairs. Our wedding is outdoors in a garden at a bed and breakfast. The theme is a elegant romance. Very formal. Any ideas will help and pics! Thanks!
    Iam wanting to know what to do to the chairs at the end of the aisle.

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