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Mother's Day Gift Ideas (read below)?

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Mother’s day is not till next month, but time flies by so quickly, and I would really want to get an early start because my mother is extremely hard to shop for. I would like to give something PRACTICAL to her….the keyword is practical….something she can use.

Please exclude the following: candles, perfume, lotion, blankets, mattresses, poems, songs, photos, collages, spa day or going out, shoes, clothes, jewelry, hair stuff, garden decor, window stuff, anything that has to do with the house or decorations, blenders, kitchen stuff, entertainment (cds and dvds), food, purses, watches, gift certificates or gift cards, money, electronics, blowdryer, sunglasses, gift baskets, keychains, anything to do with car kits because she does not have a car and I can’t afford to buy her one and plus she does not know how to drive and no I do not want to buy a lesson to learn how to drive, picture frames, sewing kits, baskts, anything home-made, etc.

Told you it was hard!

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My dog is pissing me off. Help!!!?

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

I have a year old lab/greyhound mix that has an enormously large backyard, lots of soft and hard chew toys and 3 friends to play with (one dog, two cats). He won’t stop chewing my blankets, garden decor and other things. He also won’t stop digging. And it’s not that it’s hot or that there are animals we need to worry about. It is totally pissing me off and I have no idea how to stop it. I have tried putting him on a lead and he just digs holes around him bc he’s pissed off. We have tried giving him the run of the backyard with a warm place to go to sleep in. We have tried many things. HELP!!!
I have tried keeping him in the house but then he chews on blankets, gets in the trash.

I would love to take him to obedience training except that he know how to sit, walk on a leash, and all the fun tricks they learn at training.

What kind of punishment is acceptable?
I appreciate the feedback. To those whom think I shouldn’t own dogs…. I absolutely love my dogs however I feel a little overwhelmed and that is why I have asked for suggestions. Nicole I don’t appreciate your comments as I love my dog and I spend as much time with him as I do my toddler. He is very well taken care of it is just when I am at work that these things happen. Then I come home having to clean up after his mess or repair blankets because he got bored during the day.

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Gifts for 80 yo Grandma?

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Ok, so my Grandmother is in her early 80s and I drew her name for Secret Santa 🙂 We don’t have a price limit yet but I am not wanting to go too high. As cheap as possible would be great since we’re trying to keep the gifts about the same throughout the family (somebody getting diamond earrings compared to somebody getting a gift card is what we are trying to avoid) we are all very appreciative, but trying to be smart!

I don’t know what to get her for Christmas though, I am not in state with the rest of my family so I can’t offer my time or services. She has been given plenty of windchimes, personalized things, family focused items, blankets, sweaters, garden decor, mugs, homemade items… All of the things that people usually associate Grandmothers to love. And she loves them all, I just want to get her something different.

Are there any electronics that are easy to operate or gadgets she could use? She comes with old age so she doesn’t have the greatest eyesight and has arthritis as well as tremors (her hands shake when she’s using them) ?? The only idea I have had is maybe a digital picture frame but I don’t know that I want to get it for her just yet. ANY IDEAS?!?!
She’s got 6 grandchildren, obviously, she’s my GRANDMA. & 8 great grandchildren with myself giving her #9 sometime next month. 🙂

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