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EZ Container Gardening AND Pineapple Update

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Easy method for successfully growing garden plants in small containers on your porch or in limited space and STILL have very heathy plants as well as get huge harvests. Plus as requested by countless (countless I say!!) viewers, an update on the pineapple plant grown from a pineapple top. Demonstration of how to transplant the pineapple to ensure maximum growth and healthy fruit production. Now wasn’t THAT a bit long-winded? I got dizzy just typing it! 🙂

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    Is there a case of ex girlfriend taking advantage?

    Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

    she came back into my life after years (long story), we never broke up technically, just long distance since she moved to diff state didnt work out, ive been hanging out with her recently and i think i have fallen for her again….but the problem is, i make about 0 a week (chump change for you Angelo, mr doctor and all >:) and it feels like i got no money and time for my bro’s anymore.


    dining out (hey olive garden is pretty expensive)

    love making accessories (jk)

    random things (perfume, purse bags, stuff for apartment, etc.)

    did i mention she came back into my life (physically wise) this friday, i get paid on thursday and by sunday my money was gone, am i just a easy to take advantage non jew who sucks at handling money, or is it worth it and should i treat her good, or is she playing me because she knows i got the hookups (gas stations, colleges, and clubs), and am i an idiot for posting all this, that is the true question.
    LOL Lina thanks, you just changed my life, i still cant believe the coolaid guy is trying to be funny with me, what audacity haha

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