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How to do my wedding reception!?

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Are you ready to catch on? So, my fiance’s family to start with, are conservative southern baptists and dont allow dancing or music. Not to mention some of them don’t even like me because I have a daughter from a previous marriage. My family is more modern and are fully in agreement and in between we have tons of friends who are super supportive. Essentially, we just want to get married on our own without anyone there but our two witnesses and my daughter and so it will be. We are having a private ceremony at a japanese garden. I thought about how cool it’d be to have a little after dinner party at my mom’s house with japanese inspired decor, but obviously we cannot invite EVERYONE to my mothers house. How would you go about the after-the-fact celebration dinners? There is also a very cool restaurant called Ra Sushi that would be perfect and have a killer happy hour. How would you divide the family and into what events? How would you recommend I celebrate the aftermath with everyone, yet not in a single roof because the crowds just dont mix. Thanks!

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