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What Kind Of Accessories Are Good For Gardening Gifts?

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Whether it’s the garden hose and sprinkler you use for watering, the gloves you wear, or the hand garden tools you work the soil with, these gardening gifts must be of good quality and reliable. Look for products with a good guarantee. Make sure that not only are you covered against problems or defects, but also look for a satisfaction guarantee as well. This is important as you never really get the feel of your tools or gardening accessories until they arrive.

Gardening gifts for beginners should include the basics: rakes, shovels, hoes, pitch forks, or a nice set of good hand tools. Another option would be a tool rack in which to store the larger tools, or even a tool rack on wheels. One really neat gardening gift is a kneeler bench, which serves as both a place to kneel and a little bench to sit. It protects the knees from the hard and bumpy ground. Long gloves that offer sturdy protection from rogue thorns and prickles, as well as giving added grip when handling wet and slimy substances, make excellent gardening gifts. Also, there are thousands of books on gardening, ranging from how-to books to those dealing with specialized situations such as small space or container gardening. Again, good gardening gifts.

You may also choose clothing for the person who loves to grow things. There are t-shirts, bags, sneakers, socks, and hats that you can find when you are looking for gardening gifts. Use your imagination and be creative when looking for gardening accessories to please your gardener. Do a little “homework” and find out what they like doing the most or what their biggest problem is at the moment. That way, your gardening gifts are very thoughtful and well received. Here is a partial list of other gardening gifts to consider: Planters and fertilizers, plastic and ceramic pots, ornaments and statues, garden lightings, aprons, hand cream, water fountains and wind chimes. Any gardener on your list would appreciate a gift certificate to your local garden nursery as well.

Finding accessories to buy as gardening gifts is quite easy. They are sold in nearly any discount department store as well as in the garden section of most home improvement stores. You can also usually find inexpensive gardening tools and decorations at a dollar store, or even at garage sales and flea markets. If you are shopping for gardening supplies off-season, your best bet is to shop online.

A big hat will keep the sun off of a bent-over neck, rubber shoes will keep mud from between the toes and a kneeling pad will prevent bruising of one of the most used and abused gardener parts. Gardeners are smitten by the entire ritual of planting little seeds in the dirt, watering and watching them grow, then reaping the payoff of dinner on the table, and your thoughtful gardening gifts in this ritual will surely be remembered!  😉

Gardening Accessory Gifts

Gardening Accessory Gifts

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