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How Do I Start My Kids Gardening?

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Many parents want to find some really exciting kids gardening ideas so they can spark their child’s interest in nature, plants and outdoor activities. It seems as though it is more difficult to get children interested in anything that isn’t part of a video game or computer. Even so, if you are patient, creative and enthusiastic you can select a kid garden project that everyone will enjoy.

If you want to get the kids gardening ball rolling you might suggest the idea of planting a “theme garden”. This means that you would select a particular idea (or theme) and then make sure that the seeds and plants that you select are connected. For instance your kid garden theme could be any one of the following suggestions.

Green Garden-all veggies or flowers would have to include the color green. You could include green beans, broccoli, zucchini, or a variety of herbs in the rows of this kids gardening project.

Chocolate Garde-the plants in this garden must all have a “chocolate connection”. You could use “Chocolate” mint or any vegetable or flower that had a brown color, a chocolate smell, or the word “chocolate” included in their names.

Pizza Garden-(need I say more) this is a top kid garden selection. Your plant choices would be any veggies or herbs that would be used as toppings for a pizza. Basil, oregano, bell peppers, hot peppers, onions, garlic and tomatoes would all be appropriate.

Giant Garden-you would need to search for seeds that produce super-sized fruit, vegetables and flowers if you select this type of theme. Your kids will be thrilled with the produce that you can harvest from one of these gardens. Yard Long Beans, 100 pound cabbages, Japanese Imperial Foot Long Carrots, 15 pound onions are all great selections that will result in veggies that would be right at home in the garden of the Jolly Green Giant. If you and your kids want to see a 2 foot wide sunflower you will need to purchase some Grey Stripe Giant Sunflower seeds.

Peter Rabbit’s Grocery Store– what child would not be delighted to help create a kid garden for one of their favorite story book characters? Of course it is not Peter Rabbit who will be getting to sample the produce from this garden, but don’t spoil your child’s fun by mentioning this fact.

Of course in this themed garden you would want to include a variety of lettuce plants, carrots, spinach, turnips and radishes. You may also add any veggie that your child might considers tempting to lure a curious bunny into their garden.

Once you have settled on a theme, and chosen the appropriate seeds and plants it will be time to get started with the real work. You may want to purchase some pint sized kids gardening tools for them to use.  If you have small toddlers you can find some kid garden tools made from heavy plastic, but older children are able to handle tools that are almost identical to those adults use (except for the scaled down size).

You need to keep your sense of humor intact because there are bound to be mistakes that are made along the way. Most of those kids gardening mistakes that occur will not be that important. There is certainly no need to become overly excited about most of them.

For instance your kid may plant the bean seeds right where the carrot seeds were recently sown. Not a deal breaker. Just plant another row of carrot seeds. The only cause for real alarm is if your eager little helper decided to plant the rings you had removed prior to embarking on your new kids gardening project.  Of course you need to retrieve your jewelry as quickly as possible. But when your little one tells you he just wanted to “grow a bunch” of diamond rings for Mommy you just can’t be upset then, can you? 😉

Kids Gardening

Kids Gardening

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