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Making my room into a beach theme. Help please?

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Ok so im re doing my room soon and its going to have a beach theme, i have most of the things i want in it picked out but i feel as if there needs to be soemthing else to give it that complete beachy look, i want to go full our beachy here are the links of the things im gonna get so if you have any more ideas for me that would be awesome 🙂 links included would be helpful 🙂
(the no wake zone and to beach signs)

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    How should I redecorate my bedroom?

    Monday, November 29th, 2010

    I’m a 14 year old girl. I wanted to paint my room navy and have light pink stripes on my shorter walls, but I can’t find a comforter that would match that I like. And if I find a comforter I like, I wouldn’t know what color to paint my walls. I love most stuff at , so if you know of any places that have cute items for rooms like that , it’d be a big help. But anyways, if you have any ideas. I’m willing to change my ideas if you give me some I like.

    Here are some links to comforters and bedroom items I like so you can get an idea of my style:×3-pink-bubble-dottie-style-tile-set/?pkey=cstyle-tiles

    Also for things like the last link, Style Tiles, maybe tell me how I could make my own so I don’t have to pay 0 for one? Thank you in advance!

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