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Japanese house # 9

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Yard work and the installation of a Japanese door intercom or door phone as they say. 20000 yen for the unit and its got a camera and night lights with a big color screen inside. 8000 yen more for the wire and stuff to install it. I cleared the overgrown front yard and then dug a ditch and ran the cables for the camera. I had my first experience working with Japanese PVC conduit and it was a breeze. These things are awesome! It will save a snapshot of the person who rang the doorbell when you are not home and it has led lights to illuminate the person at night. It has an adjustable camera and it can be integrated with your home phone and smoke detectors etc. With some units you can get an extra handset like a phone but it has a screen on it so you can carry it with you around the house and not miss a delivery or friend stopping by. Panasonic VL-SV31KL kit VL-MV30K video unit VL-V520L camera

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