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Is it possible to be a woman in a relationship and not contribute to a household in a divorce?

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

It almost appears that the law is written in a sense that allows all woman to be contributors to households even if they pay no bills IE mortgage, utilities, child raising.

How is it possible for a woman going through a divorce to be deemed worthless, providing nothing to the household, is this an impossible feat as it appears on it’s face?

I’ve read cases where woman who’ve helped manage a garden, pick the wall paper, regardless of who pays for the materials, bills, mortgage, these are identifiers used to actually assist women in proving their worth in divided a house/assets?

So again I ask, is it possible for a woman to live in a house, in a relationship, and contribute nothing to the house? It almost appears as if the law is written to ensure every woman is a contributor regardless of financial factors, do you agree? So I as a male will pay the mortgage,utilities, food ETC and the woman will pick the wall paper and help with the decor (elements that come natural with being a women) and this is equated into being a contributor of the household the courts hold, even if no children?
It’s kind of like writing a law applying to a man stating you’re a contributor if you drink, burp, and fart elements synonomous with being a man?

They list elements synonomous with being a women and use them as contributory factors to screw a man in asset division?
It’s almost as if the concept of a man paying for everything is an unrecognizable concept in our courts now a days.

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