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What type of vegetable is growing in my garden?

Monday, November 21st, 2011

I have a small vegetable garden and planted several types of vegetables however there is a single plant growing (at this point about 14" high), that is unlike any other. I assume it was a random seed that snuck in with a batch of organic heirloom tomatoes since this is where it has sprouted however it is not the same leaf and it is producing beautiful, tiny white flowers with a center of deep purple and yellow anthers. Any ideas???

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    i'm looking for ideas for a mythical / fantasy 21st birthday theme….?

    Sunday, February 6th, 2011

    i’ve pretty much got the decor covered. lots of fairy lights and soft draped fabric. foresty green & deep purple colours with some gold. lots of candles and leafy looking stuff. and loads of fairy-type flowers. maybe even a fire somewhere. kind of enchanted woodland forest meets secret garden meets fantasy movies / novels.

    everyone’s going to be dressing up as mythical / fantasy / enchanted forest creatures.

    i’m just looking for ideas for the menu, including appetisers / starters, a main meal that’s easy enough to eat either standing or sitting down, dessert, and awesome drinks (both alcoholic & non).

    nothing too childish or kids party-like.

    also looking for some ideas for party favours.

    any ideas / recipes would be very much appreciated!
    thanks so much! 😀

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