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Need advice on organic and/or evo-friendly pest control for vegetable garden?

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

I’ve got a nice vegetable garden, but grasshoppers and other insects are going after my broccoli plants something fierce. I’d rather not use chemical insecticides to stop them. Does anyone have any advice on how to protect my plants without resorting to Raid? I’ve heard of making solutions with dish soap and other household items; that’s the sort of stuff I’m looking for.

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    What are those tiny worm-looking things in the the soil I use in my indoor garden, can they hurt my plants?

    Saturday, April 30th, 2011

    I noticed after a week or so of planting seeds and they sprout, these microscopic white things start crawling and jumping around in the soil. They kind of freak me out, and I was wondering what they were, what they do, and what can I use to get rid of them? I used a dish soap solution that a friend recommended but that killed my plants as well as the critters.

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      Help! The fungus gnats are killing my indoor vegetable garden….?

      Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

      I planted an indoor garden and my plants were growing really nice. I know have an extreme infestation of what I think are fungus gnats…they really like the soil. So I went today and got the fly sticky paper and it worked really well. I also wanted to kill the eggs and the ones in the soil so I got neem oil, it said it was for organic gardening. It did not have an effect on the bugs, just me and the plants. I feel sick to my stomach and have a headache since messing with it and four of my tomato plants died. They were close to dieing from the gnats eating their roots but the neem killed them off.

      I heard that if you mix dish soap with water and then put it on the plants it kills the bugs and their eggs without harming the plants….Is this true? If so, how much dish soap to water do I use.

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      Vegetable gardening in upside down planters?

      Saturday, December 25th, 2010

      Background – I purchased 4 of the upside down hanging planters to grow tomatoes. I was going to purchase a name brand organic vegetable potting soil to use in the planters, when the garden center employee suggested using an amendment with my regular soil…

      The planter is hanging in full sun (sunup to sundown) and gets good air circulation, but my tomato plants have white powder mildew at the base of the stalks…though the tops (bottoms as it’s upside down) look healthy enough. I’m guessing the culprit is the yard soil contains spores and the water dripping from the planter, directly onto the plant, deposited the spores there.

      I’ve been watering once a week in cool weather, twice a week in warm. I check the soil for moisture, so I’m not over/under watering.

      My question is, how can I get rid of the mildew without using a chemical spray?

      I was wondering if I added a small amount of white vinegar to the water if it would raise the pH level enough to be hostile to the mildew spores w/o harming the plant or affecting the taste/moisture/sugar/acid content of the tomatoes?

      The tomato variety is Best Boy if that makes a difference. The plants are now a foot high (or low) depending on your perspective 🙂 and in bloom.

      I’m not sure how much more sun I can provide if the planter is hanging in full sun from sunrise to sunset…

      As this pot weighs over 50 lbs and is hanging 6 ft off the ground in an upside down planter the soil cannot be switched out without crushing the plant or injuring the root system.

      Manufacturer is no help because they recommend potting soil not soil with amendments. Please read the background info.

      The dish soap water mixture in a spray bottle is a possibility. THX

      Please read the question and comment on my suggested solution or provide a working alternative.

      Someone else told me the mildew was normal for our weather. I tried the dishsoap method and the mildew is drying up and falling off the plants, so I got 2 good answers. I’m going to put it to vote because I can’t decide.

      Thanks to all who contributed, even if I didn’t pick your answer.

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      How do I kill the ants in my vegetable garden?

      Sunday, October 17th, 2010

      We are in our second year of backyard gardening. We are overrun by ants this year. We have them all over the garden. We have them all over the yard – literally hundreds of ant hills, just in the backyard. We also have begun finding them in the house.
      I have heard that a mixture of dish soap and water, followed by heavy watering will kill any insect/bug that it comes in contact with. Is there any problem with using it on my garden>?

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