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Need help planning my Las Vegas wedding/Super Mario Reception?

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

My wedding colors are ivory and navy blue.
My fiance and I are going (May 1st 2011) to Las Vegas to get married at the Lakeside Garden. We’re having our ceremony there and going to dinner at Harrah’s afterwards with family.
We’re going to come back home and have a filipino (I am filipino) lunch reception at my parents house, their backyard (they have a pool, nice tiki decorated deck and it’s fenced) with a SuperMario wedding cake.

I was thinking of giving magnets as our favors, maybe scratch off lottery tickets and Vegas lollipops as our favors. I want to make my own menu but I’m not making a seating chart. I am going to have blue heart shaped balloons as decor and bubbles for the guest… is there anything else I can do to make it more of a themed kind of wedding? Just any advice to help me with ideas is appreciated!

Thank you

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    Which place is best for our reception?

    Sunday, February 13th, 2011

    We have 10 guests for our wedding and reception. Our budget is about ,000. Which place is best? The wedding is in January (not this year) in Anchorage Alaska. Our colors are different shades of blue, but those colors don’t need to carry over into the reception decor.

    The options are:
    Terra Bella Cafe: an organic coffee shop and cafe. The food is lovely, they have beautiful art on display, they have two fireplaces, and it is a place we frequent as a couple. We would probably have to rent this palce out special, in the evening, which could be spendy, but it would also be very private. Here’s a photo of an event going on in there, so you can see kind of what it looks like.

    Then there is the Corsair Restaurant:
    Fine dining restaurant with a full (expensive) bar and delectable cuisine. When my fiance and I ate there before, it cost about 0 to feed both of us, including drinks for him, since I am still underage (won’t be for the wedding!)
    Here’s their website:

    And Lastly, Little Italy:
    This is where we had our first date (it was rather painful but kind of funny to look back on). It is an Italian restaurant that is better than Olive Garden but not exactly fine dining. The food is more reasonably priced, but it is much busier, and the intimacy may not be there like it would at the other places. Unfortunately I don’t have a link for this place.

    What do you all think?

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      I need some help with my wedding theme…..?

      Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

      So, we’re visioning a fairy garden sort of thing for our spring wedding. Sparkles, lots of colour…..maybe some toadstools? We’re kind of stuck when trying to come up with decor, favours, etc. etc. ideas to execute the theme. I think my fiance and I are dressing up, me being a fairy princess, and he’ll be a prince. Perhaps tacky, but we’re so hardcore into themes it’s perfect for us…..anyway throw some ideas at me! What else would work with this theme? And if you can find any links to pics of similar sorts of wedding, that would be amazing! I’m still trying to track some stuff down.

      Thanks a bunch!

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        Indianapolis, Indiana Budget Wedding?

        Monday, February 7th, 2011

        I’m getting married next April 24th. I don’t have alot of money especially since myself and my fiance started buying a fixer upper, and I still want the wedding to be elegant. Not like crazy perfect or anything cause I’m on a bugdet, I’ve checked wedding sites but every acts like you need 5k + to get married and I’m stretching the budget for 2k! We plan on having the ceremony at Garfield Park because it’s free if you don’t use the pinic areas… I am renting 72 chairs for 0 and using regular roses fom the local grocery stores for bouquets probably will spend around 0-0 (thats including the flowers for the reception). We found a cheap officiant who will officiate for 0. I bought my dress online for 0 and he’s renting his tux. I’m also buying a garden arbor for and decorating it for about the same. Plus rose petals are sold at dollar tree. The ceremony is pretty much set but I know receptions cost at least twice what the ceremony does; i figure plastic table cloths are good and i dont mind useing paper plates and such even though I didn’t want to. I don’t know how to decorate it any farther though like table centerpeices (I figured candles with a single rose would be simple but also pretty). I thought about ballons or something cheap but I dont know. I dont want it to look dull but I cant think of anything else??? I need like room decor for the walls or something. i thought of maybe some kind of cheap lighting ideals like white christmas lights hanging from the ceiling or down the walls, they will be cheap after christmas is over…

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          How to do my wedding reception!?

          Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

          Are you ready to catch on? So, my fiance’s family to start with, are conservative southern baptists and dont allow dancing or music. Not to mention some of them don’t even like me because I have a daughter from a previous marriage. My family is more modern and are fully in agreement and in between we have tons of friends who are super supportive. Essentially, we just want to get married on our own without anyone there but our two witnesses and my daughter and so it will be. We are having a private ceremony at a japanese garden. I thought about how cool it’d be to have a little after dinner party at my mom’s house with japanese inspired decor, but obviously we cannot invite EVERYONE to my mothers house. How would you go about the after-the-fact celebration dinners? There is also a very cool restaurant called Ra Sushi that would be perfect and have a killer happy hour. How would you divide the family and into what events? How would you recommend I celebrate the aftermath with everyone, yet not in a single roof because the crowds just dont mix. Thanks!

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            I am completely at a loss on Christmas ideas…help!?

            Monday, November 22nd, 2010

            I have quite a few people I need to buy for this year, but don’t really have an idea of what or where to start. If I tell you a little bit about the people, could you help me think of presents that might work? My budget is pretty open.

            Fiance: Already ordered him a Roku netflix player – need another idea, too. He’s a complete and total movie freak. He’s also really into martial arts, running, cooking, travel, and music. He already has all the clothes/shoes/accessories that he wants. He also really enjoys camping and the outdoors. He wanted a kayak, but we have no place to store that in our condo. He’s a videographer by profession, so anything related to that would be good, but would also probably be more than I can afford. Any ideas?

            Father: No idea. Help! He’s very much a guy’s guy, and loves woodworking and lathe work, and motorcycles (BMW – he’s not a Harley guy or a biker type – just likes to ride.) He also likes music to some degree.

            Fiance’s mother: Again, help me. She already HAS everything she could possibly want, and has everything she could want/need to decorate her home. She runs a franchise jewelry business, and travels a LOT. She’s really kind of a fun-spirited hippy chick. I like her. 🙂

            Fiance’s Father/Stepmom: This is what’s particularly stumping me. They are very well traveled and affluent – it’s truly a ‘what to get the couple who has everything’ question. They work together as a team in higher education, travel all over the world constantly, and are highly interested in diplomacy, peace in the Middle East, and humanitarianism.

            My sister: She is married and has 6 children. She is a nurse, and so is her husband. I’d like to get a ‘family present’, so I don’t have to buy 8. She’s into Yoga a lot lately, and loves to read.

            My brother: Lives in Alaska with his wife and 16 year old daughter. He’s a machinist, gun enthusiast, and hunter. He also loves motorcycles, snomobiling, and paintball. Read: Redneck. I would also like to get a ‘family gift’ for them as well.

            My aunt: We are visiting her over the holidays, and I’d like to give her a ‘thank you’ gift for having us. She is in her late 60’s, and enjoys dogs, gardening, cooking, wine, and travel.

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            Ideas for decor using the following color palette?

            Thursday, November 18th, 2010

            Baby pink, soft gray, pale aqua, peach orange, lavender, mint green, black, white and champagne.

            Please don’t tell me I have too many colors, as I’m getting married in Spring and want a spring color palette that matches both my personality and my fiance. We’re going with a watercolor tie-dyed theme for our garden ceremony. We are very fun and outgoing sort of people and we love tons of colors paired with shades (such as gray, black, etc). Our dream isn’t to have the traditional white wedding… its to have a fun day that represents us as individuals blending together and us as a couple.

            At the moment, we’re a bit stuck on what types of decorations to use in the garden as it’s already a decoration by itself. We’re having a traditional pagan handfasting, so some pagan-ish ideas would be great. =) Also decoration ideas for the reception would be great as well. Our reception will be held at our home, as its a very informal dinner event, with just a few close friends. For the reception, we’re concentrating more on our Italian heritages for inspiration with hints of our love for medieval/fantasy art.

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            Any ideas on how to make a few extra dollars?

            Monday, November 8th, 2010

            I have been brainstorming on how to make a little extra cash on the side of being full time. I work pretty much all hours of the day throughout the the week and weekends. I have a part time security job as well but really dont have time to pick up hours there. I have tried to sell some things around the house on Ebay, things not being used. Nothing really sells. I also have a small business selling home and garden decor and that is slow as well. Any other ideas on how to make that extra dough? Thanks in advance Travvis
            LOL, by the way, I am 29 years old, already have a kid and work at a group home so I do plenty of babysitting. A paper route may be out of the question unless I can get a fixed schedule.
            I am pretty good at odd jobs as well. I work on a lot of small engine, outboard, motorcycle and vehicles on my spare time. But unfortunatly, I dont get paid for it because its mine!!!
            And the big ladies? I guess they need lovin too, but not from me. I have a fiance.

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            European Garden Theme Wedding?? Need some advice?

            Thursday, October 14th, 2010

            We finally decided on a theme for our wedding. My fiance is wearing a kilt, so we wanted something Scottish or European to fit with the kilt. We finally settled on a European or British Garden theme and here’s what I have so far:
            Colors (to match kilt): Navy blue and champagne with light blue and ivory accents
            Flowers: Hydrangeas, ivory roses, peonies, rannunculas (sp?) and ivy
            Favors: Plantable blue paper hearts that double as escort cards – they grow wildflowers when you plant the paper in the ground.
            Bridesmaids: Tea length satin bubble dresses in navy blue with champagne sashes
            Groomsmen: Black tuxes with navy blue or champagne vests (haven’t decided yet)

            I’m looking for more ways to tie in the theme with the decor for the reception and the ceremony. We’ll probably do bunches of flowers tied to the ends of the chairs for church decorations, but does anyone have anymore suggestions? Unique ideas? Thanks!

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