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Parents are selling their house but refuse to make it look attractive?

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

My parents have just put the house on the market. I’ve been spending at least 5 hours a day slaving in the garden de-weeding, cutting back the forest of trees and foliage and cleaning and de-cluttering the house.

Now, they are really angry at me because I mentioned that the paint on the windows outside is terrible and the wallpaper inside is falling down in some places. I don’t know whether I’m just being paranoid, but I think especcially in the hallway where people first enter it is really important that the decor is good. It wouldnt be that expensive to strip and paint the hall and paint the windows frames outside but my parents get really angry at me even suggesting it. My mum also refuses to move any furniture round to make the rooms look spacious because she doesn’t want to be uncomfortable.

It’s really annoying me, because I know with only a tiny bit of effort the house could look great and fresh. But my parents just can’t seem to be bothered. My mum sees it as some huge stressful mission, when to me it’s not. I am perfectly happy to do all of it myself.

Maybe if it doesn’t sell quickly they will think about it. I hope it does!!! Do you think it matters if the house looks a bit shabby? The house is generally tidy and clutter free but looking really tired.
The problem is they do REALLY want to sell quickly…man I wish they could go away and I secretly do it. It’s not possible though lol

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    What Are Pergolas? Giant Gardening Gifts!

    Thursday, January 21st, 2010

    If you have never heard of a pergola, this article is for you.  A pergola is a structure that has pillars supporting a strong wooden framework. The wooden frame is then covered with some sort of live vegetation or plant. The result is a shade supplying structure that adds personality to your garden area.

    The best example I can offer is that of a grape arbor. We have all seen grape arbors, haven’t we? I am sure you have at one time or another. But pergolas can be much more than that. We will see exactly what I am talking about very shortly.

    Pergolas may take several different forms. They can be a free standing structure such as a gazebo type or act as a walkway between two buildings or pavilions. It is even possible to have a pergola that is a lean to type that is used to simply sit or stand under for shade.

    The word pergola is originally derived from the Latin term “pergula” meaning an “eave that projects”. However, the term as we use it comes from an Italian word that was first coined by John Evelyn in a 1645 text.

    Usually the structure has marble or stone pillars supporting the wood roof. Nowadays though, the materials can be just about anything. Sometimes an all wood construction is utilized, but modern material like nylon or hard plastics may be tapped for the pillars. The roof or cover is always wood and is interwoven with vine like plants or foliage.

    The resulting structure is one that strikes a balance between nature and human habitation. As the plants and vines above receive the sunlight needed to grow and thrive, people can walk or stand beneath it and stay out of the bright sunlight while still enjoying the outdoors.

    Building a pergola in the backyard can be a beautiful addition to the family area and add ambiance to the yard or garden. As time goes by, the covering plants and flowers will become thicker and more beautiful with each passing season. It can actually add value to the home as well.

    Plans can be purchased that will show you how to build a pergola yourself. These plans are simple and can be followed by anyone, even if you have never built anything before. All you need are some tools, hardware and a little time. Believe me, it is well worth the effort.

    If you are more of the prefabricated kind of hobbyist, kits are available that include the materials precut and ready to assemble. Just follow the easy 1-2-3 instructions and you will have your pergola up in no time at all. Pergolas are a beautiful way to add to your property in a very simple way.

    For instance, it is possible to connect your garage to the house with a walkway pergola. This provides protection from the hot sun during summer months and may keep the walkway clear of snow in the winter. Either way, this is a good way to beautify your yard or garden in a natural way that is earth friendly. 😉

    Outdoor Pergola

    Outdoor Pergola

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