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What are those tiny worm-looking things in the the soil I use in my indoor garden, can they hurt my plants?

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

I noticed after a week or so of planting seeds and they sprout, these microscopic white things start crawling and jumping around in the soil. They kind of freak me out, and I was wondering what they were, what they do, and what can I use to get rid of them? I used a dish soap solution that a friend recommended but that killed my plants as well as the critters.

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    I am completely at a loss on Christmas ideas…help!?

    Monday, November 22nd, 2010

    I have quite a few people I need to buy for this year, but don’t really have an idea of what or where to start. If I tell you a little bit about the people, could you help me think of presents that might work? My budget is pretty open.

    Fiance: Already ordered him a Roku netflix player – need another idea, too. He’s a complete and total movie freak. He’s also really into martial arts, running, cooking, travel, and music. He already has all the clothes/shoes/accessories that he wants. He also really enjoys camping and the outdoors. He wanted a kayak, but we have no place to store that in our condo. He’s a videographer by profession, so anything related to that would be good, but would also probably be more than I can afford. Any ideas?

    Father: No idea. Help! He’s very much a guy’s guy, and loves woodworking and lathe work, and motorcycles (BMW – he’s not a Harley guy or a biker type – just likes to ride.) He also likes music to some degree.

    Fiance’s mother: Again, help me. She already HAS everything she could possibly want, and has everything she could want/need to decorate her home. She runs a franchise jewelry business, and travels a LOT. She’s really kind of a fun-spirited hippy chick. I like her. 🙂

    Fiance’s Father/Stepmom: This is what’s particularly stumping me. They are very well traveled and affluent – it’s truly a ‘what to get the couple who has everything’ question. They work together as a team in higher education, travel all over the world constantly, and are highly interested in diplomacy, peace in the Middle East, and humanitarianism.

    My sister: She is married and has 6 children. She is a nurse, and so is her husband. I’d like to get a ‘family present’, so I don’t have to buy 8. She’s into Yoga a lot lately, and loves to read.

    My brother: Lives in Alaska with his wife and 16 year old daughter. He’s a machinist, gun enthusiast, and hunter. He also loves motorcycles, snomobiling, and paintball. Read: Redneck. I would also like to get a ‘family gift’ for them as well.

    My aunt: We are visiting her over the holidays, and I’d like to give her a ‘thank you’ gift for having us. She is in her late 60’s, and enjoys dogs, gardening, cooking, wine, and travel.

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