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Choosing Your Own Outdoor Garden Lighting

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

A well tended lawn full of flowers and attractively maintained shrubs can transform the appearance of your house into a beautiful, welcoming space that people will admire. Gardens have been a universal symbol of peaceful beauty and a restful haven since ancient times, and gardening is one the nation’s most popular hobbies. There is something deeply satisfying in being able to relax in your own garden.

There are all sorts of different ways to bring out the natural charm of your garden. Outdoor garden lighting can accentuate the beauty of your outdoor space, and gives your garden an enchanting allure during the evening hours. The soft glow of carefully placed garden lighting will frame your house with its illumination and make your garden look especially picturesque at night. Not only that, it can be a security light for your house when it’s dark outside.

There are various types of outdoor garden lighting that are readily available in the market, including high quality varieties that are surprisingly affordable. You can even design your own garden lighting, or consider hiring a garden designer or landscaper to give you options to choose from. You can decide amongst a wide variety of designs and sizes of the lighting that you want to have placed in your garden.

Here are some basic outdoor garden lighting types that you can find at any home improvement store or lighting shop near your area:

• Accent lights. This type of outdoor garden lighting is used to highlight a part or your garden or lawn. If you have a favorite spot in your garden or a piece of sculpture in your outdoor area that you feel is a particular showstopper, you can use an accent light to make it stand out.

• Path lights. You can install an outdoor light to accentuate your pathway or walkway. Lights of this sort generally need to be placed at a high spot, so that a wider area is illuminated for the safety of those who might walk along the path. Most path lights actually come with a post for this purpose, and can make your garden pathway really lovely at night, outlined with glimmering lights that hang from decorative posts.

• Spot lights. This type of outdoor garden lighting is also known as area or flood lights. They cover a wider area of your garden, and can also serve as a security light because of its wide coverage.

• Security lights. This is a safety light that will prevent trespassers or robbers that are roaming in your area from entering your house. The preferred spot for these garden lights is near your front door or entry way. This is a good way to dissuade most people from stepping into your yard uninvited.

• Step lights. This outdoor garden light makes your steps visible during the evening hours when it’s dark outside. This is a form of safety light that will prevent you from tripping on outdoor steps during a dark night. (No matter how beautiful the garden, it can be hard to fully appreciate its charms when you’ve fallen flat on your face!)

Remember to choose lights that complement your garden and outdoor space. The internet is a very helpful tool in finding a great design that matches your particular garden, and if you aren’t certain what you have in mind, you can always find a lot of ideas in websites that focus on gardening. Perhaps the most basic benefit of garden lighting is that your garden’s beauty is able to be appreciated even at night. Now you can tell your friends that they can admire your garden a full 24 hours a day! 😉

Outdoor Garden Lighting

Outdoor Garden Lighting

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