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Are Sundials Any Good In The Rain?

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Sundials are ancient artifacts, architectural wonders, that offer great meaning and classic beauty to those who treasure them.  A sundial is a beautiful way to add a touch of history to your garden.  It is the most popular and ancient device of science that is still in existence.  Over time, more elaborately engineered and accurate time-telling devices were conceived, such as equatorial sundials.  They make very popular gifts, especially for weddings and anniversaries, as the concepts of “time” and “everlasting love” are so closely related.

These gardening gifts are traditionally found in gardens but can add an interesting detail to interior and exterior environments.  A sundial is a fantastic thing to have in your garden, making incredibly beautiful focal points just like any urn or garden sculpture.  They can be personalized with inscriptions and date lines to make the perfect birthday gift for the person who has everything.  A sundial is not nearly as accurate at telling the time as a clock or watch, but it can give a good estimate of the current time. They come in many sizes, types and finishes.

Brass sundials are more eye-catching and are more likely to be a focal piece in your outdoor decor.  Gnomons (shadow-casters) are usually made of brass, bronze or stainless steel.  You may want to purchase a brass pedestal or perhaps make a more personalized sun dial pedestal from stones or rocks from around your place.  The sundials most commonly found in churchyards are those of the common horizontal class, normally made of brass or bronze, although, sadly, many of these have been stolen in recent years or have been badly damaged.

Today, as history/art/science projects, backyard decor, or special gifts sundials are the perfect choice.  They make a statement in any garden, castle or cottage, and are excellent gardening gifts for that special occasion.  Sundials are historical jewels for your garden, providing a natural, time-honored way of which to gauge time.  Rain or shine, these gardening gifts are cool. 😉

Gardening Gifts Sundial

Gardening Gifts Sundial

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