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Garden Windmills Are Great Gardening Gifts

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

If you have a gardener in your life, you know just how seriously some people take this fun and productive hobby. From late winter all the way through fall, the focus is on planting, growing and harvesting. Luckily, this makes choosing a gift for any occasion fairly easy. Anytime you need to purchase a gift for the gardener in your life, you can select something that will help them in their craft. However, if you have given a lot of these gifts, you may be unsure of what gardening gifts to look at next. A garden windmill is a great idea. It’s a beautiful addition to any garden and one that your gardening friend probably doesn’t already have their eye on. There are several options to select from, in various prices ranges.

Decorative or Functional?

The first thing that you need to determine when you look at a garden windmill is whether or not the recipient will want to attach it to a fully functioning water system, or whether they prefer a garden windmill for decorative effect only. This will point you in the right direction when choosing your gardening gifts.

Decorative windmills come in all sizes. Some are quite small and can be placed among foliage for a decorative effect. Others are more life-sized and will simulate a functioning garden windmill, but without any of the accompanying hardware. When it comes to decorative windmills, the price will largely depend on the size of the windmill and the features. For example, if you choose a windmill with an attached planter box, that may add to the overall cost. Depending on your climate, you may want to look at both wood and coated metal models. Each will have pros and cons and be ideal for different weather conditions. Decorative windmills should sell for around $50-$100, making them fantastic gardening gifts.

Functional windmills are in their own category. While looks are still important, the most crucial feature will be their ability to either draw water or generate power, depending on what the particular needs are of your gardening friend. If you are intending to purchase a fully functioning windmill, keep in mind that these can be very expensive, running well into the several thousand dollar range. However, as gardening gifts, they are great for a group of people who want to contribute to the gift pool. Functional windmills save both water and electricity, as well as making the gardening area look fabulous.

Design and Form

Adding a garden windmill to a landscape gives it a nice central focus. Your gardening friend should use this to their advantage when accepting these great gardening gifts. A central planting directly around the windmill can work well. It’s also a good idea to create counterpoints that will provide balance to the landscape, drawing the eye smoothly around the garden area. If you don’t feel like you can provide this expertise along with your gift, include literature or resources that can help them integrate the windmill when it is presented as a gift.

Gardening is a fantastic hobby that feeds the soul of many people each spring and summer. Whether your friend favors vegetable or flower gardening, a garden windmill can be the perfect choice when gardening gifts are needed. Decorative options are very affordable and perfect to improve the look of any garden. 😉

Garden Windmill

Garden Windmill

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