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Indoor Gardening

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Growing your own vegetables and herbs is a great way to save money and eat healthy.  Indoor gardening has many uses for both personal and commercial use. Whether you just want a few peppers in your home or a produce store in your town, any amount of fresh vegetables can be grown with the right equipment. There are also multiple ways to grow crops in bigger yields and faster rates. If you know what you want and have space to grow it, indoor gardening pays off after a little bit of work.

If you just want a small selection to grow, many companies offer all-in-one grow kits that fit on your counter top and only use a small amount of water and electricity. They cost around $200, but you can find better deals if you shop around. Many use nutrient packs to feed the plants for weeks. Within 3-6 weeks, you have fresh produce to cook with in any meal. These counter top grow kits are great for cherry tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and small veggies. You can also use these to transplant bigger plants outside or in a bigger space to grow some more.

If you wish to grow plants and vegetables that are bigger than 3 ft, it’s best to hire a home improvement specialist that works on indoor green houses. It’s possible to do it yourself, but it’s not recommended. Electrical setup is needed for lighting and water pumps, which if not done right can burn your house to the ground. You also have to keep the temperature constant, so you may need a separate thermostat to keep it in check. Some plants need more light to grow than a person can stand. After the makeover, you have a man-made garden that can produce goods all year round.

It all comes down to your budget. Whatever you wish to spend, you can have a little garden to grow whatever you choose. The grow kits are a great choice for beginners, while advanced setups are better for those born with a green thumb. Indoor gardening is a great money saving technique, no matter what recessions and economic booms fly by. It’s also great for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, since none of the seeds in stores come with toxins or dangerous chemicals. Also, you get more vitamins, nutrients, and a different flavor in your food when you cook with fresh produce.

Indoor gardening is an affordable hobby that saves money in the long run. The health benefits depend on what you’re cooking, but make the food better for you when done right. Remember: the larger the garden, the more complex the growing gets. Get the pros to make a room into your new indoor garden. This way, you know the system is safe to use and assembled properly. Compared to the outdoors, indoor crops can grow twice as fast and during every season. If you feel like having some more green in your life, creating an indoor garden is a healthy and smart way to go. 😉

Indoor Garden

Indoor Garden

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