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Two Trees, Hammocks And Nature – Excellent Gardening Gifts

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Hammocks are usually hung between two trees, however with the use of a hammock stand, hammocks can be placed just about anywhere.  They are an excellent way to unwind in your backyard or garden while enjoying  a leisurely afternoon nap or relaxing with a good book.  These gardening gifts allow you to get away from your troubles and stress after a long day at work and enjoy the beautiful world around you.  Hammocks are versatile because of their comfort, light weight, low cost and design.  Outdoor hammocks are ideal for camping trips and are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns.

Cotton rope hammocks are considered more comfortable than polyester rope hammocks, but cotton will not last as long as polyester, is subject to mildew and will deteriorate if left in direct sunlight.  An indoor cotton hammock would make a great gardening gift.  Cotton is the best fiber for weaving and is worldwide appreciated for its high qualities as material for hammocks, hammock swings and hammock chairs.  Cotton hammock colors also tend to be softer and more soothing.

Nylon garden hammocks are comfortable and long lasting.  These gardening gifts are very durable, and don’t need to be cleaned as often as cotton hammocks.  Nylon rope is built to last, yet it is very soft and silky to the touch.  Nylon also has a good resistance to fading in sunlight.  Nylon hammocks are stronger than cotton, yet are soft, elastic, and lustrous.  Comparing a nylon hammock with a cotton hammock is similar to comparing a bed with a firm mattress to a bed with a soft, flexible mattress.

Fabric hammocks are light weight which makes them much simpler to move and set up than the rope hammock.  These gardening gifts are perfect for the yard, deck, or even by the poolside.  Fabric hammocks are totally different with string hammocks in style as it eliminates the web-like weave designs.  These patio hammocks are great because they are low maintenance.

Mayan hammocks are made from thin strings that are woven by hand.  They can be made from either cotton or polyester and are light weight and strong.  These hammocks are typically brightly colored and do not have spreader bars.  Mayan hammocks are famous worldwide, are shipped around the world, and make very popular gifts.  These gardening gifts are unarguably the finest, most comfortable hammocks made.  Mayan hammocks aren’t the only popular imported hammock; gorgeous hand-made hammocks from Brazil, Nicaragua, and many other South American countries are also extremely popular.

Just remember that in general, the smaller the spaces between the ropes, the more comfortable the hammock will be.  There is minimal air flow through a solid hammock hence they are most comfortable when used on cooler evenings or climates.  Hammocks are an inexpensive way to dress up your porch or landscaping while at the same time providing a comfortable, relaxing piece of outdoor furniture to take a break.  They make excellent gardening gifts.  In the last century hammocks were mainly reserved for the wealthy.  I say let’s roll back the clock and enjoy our prosperity. 😉

Gardening Gift Hammock

Gardening Gift Hammock

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