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Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – Instrumental ” On Piano “

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Hi… ….just watched this movie last week and I cudnt get the killing tune out of my head. So i thought of sharing it with u guys on piano…..!! CHORDS USED: G,Em,Am,D,C ( C is used only once in 2nd parah ) Cheers ! Extra Tags : kuch hota hai karan johar srk shahrukh khan kajol rani kkhh tum paas aaye udit narayan alka piano intrumental indian bollywood hindi full song quality hd chords notes Kuch Hota Hai Cover Piano Instrumental Keyboard Shah Rukh Khan Remix Kajol Karan Johar Music Bollywood Guitar Tabs Chords Lessons Tutorial Jatin-Lalit Udit Narayan Alka Yagnik Sameer Kuch Hota Shahrukh Khan Kajol Rani Mukerji TAGS: instrumental bheka guzarish shreya benny indian chords relax soothing Rahman Golden Globe Award Piano Keyboard Instrumental Bollywood Slumdog Millionaire Fire Hindi English Rehman Aamir Imran Khan Aamir Khan AR Rahman Piano Cover Instrumental Keyboard Tutorial Bollywood Chords piano sad cry laugh best new Experiment Reason 4 four software music indian music punjabi music hindi music sad slow music sad music love How can she slap how musique french english Kaise Mujhe (Promo) trailer Category: Music Tags: indian chords Keyboard Cover Instrumental hindi sad cry best new Experiment strings Reason love. First love

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    Help with Christmas gifts for a few people? Sorry I know this is asked often!?

    Saturday, January 8th, 2011

    Okay so I have a few gifts to buy and on some I have a few leads, but some I’m lost.

    1. Mom- Garden clippers and an apron. At least, thats what she wants. Garden clippers, would those be at Home Depot? And where do they sell aprons? (She specified that she wants a cute one not a plain one.)
    2. Dad- iPad guy. I know I’m going to get him something for his iPad but there are so many accessories out lately. I checked Brookstone’s website and they have like all these different stands, cases, keyboard, speakers, chargers, everything! So need a little direction there.
    3. Brother- My mom already got him TONS of clothes. I usually get him a shirt or a hoodie but my mom got him like six shirts and three sweaters already so I need something else. He likes Warhammer and trivia. He’s 18. (Gift does not have to relate to Warhammar or trivia just ideas)
    4. Friends- They chose a spending limit which I find way too low to find something good but they insisted. So good gift for teen girls? Not something they’ll end up throwing away. Not cheap jewelry, please.
    5. Boyfriend- Thinking iPod Touch, but it’s really expensive so I’m open to other ideas. And think more along the lines of one big gift, not a bunch of clothes or a few video games. (Already has a TV cell and laptop)

    PS. No giftcard suggestions please! Thanks for reading all this, Merry Christmas

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