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Garden Lanterns Are Elegant Gardening Gifts

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

There are many different kinds of garden lanterns, and in fact, with the amount of outdoor lighting to choose from it can be very overwhelming. There are hanging lanterns of all descriptions, from Chinese lantern styles to more traditional, and just about everything in between. There are also some really nice ‘candle’ style lanterns, that will sit on the rail around your deck, or on your patio table. The cool thing about these is that while they give off the soft flickering glow of a candle, they are in fact an electric or battery operated light.

For garden lanterns, there are post lights as well. These are probably the best for outdoor lighting in your garden, and they come in a number of varieties. Some are like lamp posts, which can illuminate your way if you like to do some night gardening, and there are stake lights. Stake lights you simply push into the ground where you want them, for instance to allow you to walk around without stumbling into your plants. It can be a cool way to allow guests to enjoy the ‘fruits’ of your labor.

Now there are basically three different power sources for garden lanterns. One of them are regular electric outdoor lighting. You have two options with these, one is hooking them directly into you home’s electric grid, either by direct wiring, or by plugging them into an outlet. While these are great, there are a few draw backs. One is that you have to turn them on, and the other, they can suck electricity. The other way is with battery operated lights, and of course, you have to change the batteries, and you have to turn them on. Now you can buy a timer, which you can set to come on automatically for both of these.

Now instead of dealing with all the hassles of regular garden lanterns, the best idea for outdoor lighting is the solar powered lantern. While the initial cost can be a little higher, there are many advantages over the others. One big reason to buy these is that they won’t draw on your power bill, and you never have to worry about changing batteries again! Instead of drawing electricity from a battery or your house, these gather energy from the sun. There are two different kinds of solar lights. You can find many different kinds of lights that have small built in panels, that draw the sun’s energy during the day, store it and then turn on the lights at night. You also have sets with a separate panel, so you can place the lights anywhere around your garden, as long as the panel is in direct sun.

The other really nice thing about solar powered garden lanterns is that you never have to worry about turning them on, setting some kind of timer, or even not having them in a power outage! The new state of the art solar powered outdoor lighting systems use LED lights, which draw very little power, and these lamps can keep your walkways lit for up to twelve hours on a single charge. So stop wasting your money, as well as precious energy, and pick up some of these lights instead. Mother Nature will thank you. 😉

Garden Lanterns

Garden Lanterns

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