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My dog is pissing me off. Help!!!?

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

I have a year old lab/greyhound mix that has an enormously large backyard, lots of soft and hard chew toys and 3 friends to play with (one dog, two cats). He won’t stop chewing my blankets, garden decor and other things. He also won’t stop digging. And it’s not that it’s hot or that there are animals we need to worry about. It is totally pissing me off and I have no idea how to stop it. I have tried putting him on a lead and he just digs holes around him bc he’s pissed off. We have tried giving him the run of the backyard with a warm place to go to sleep in. We have tried many things. HELP!!!
I have tried keeping him in the house but then he chews on blankets, gets in the trash.

I would love to take him to obedience training except that he know how to sit, walk on a leash, and all the fun tricks they learn at training.

What kind of punishment is acceptable?
I appreciate the feedback. To those whom think I shouldn’t own dogs…. I absolutely love my dogs however I feel a little overwhelmed and that is why I have asked for suggestions. Nicole I don’t appreciate your comments as I love my dog and I spend as much time with him as I do my toddler. He is very well taken care of it is just when I am at work that these things happen. Then I come home having to clean up after his mess or repair blankets because he got bored during the day.

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What Do You Think Of My 2010 Prom Dress? What Make Up/Accessories Would Look Good With It (**PHOTO**)?

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

So this is the prom dress I purchased yesterday. It is a Panoply piece, number 14353. I am giving you the photo of me (without my head because I wasn’t wearing any makeup, lol) because the photo from Panoply really makes the dress look completely different and not as pretty. I thought this dress would be perfect for my school’s prom theme and colors which is Enchanted Garden Theme and the main colors is going to be shades of green. I like that there’s flowers on the bottom and a little green here and there to tie in the dress with the theme. Any who, here are the three questions I’m looking for today. Please help!(:

[1] Do you think this will be a ‘suitable’ dress for prom as in, will it go well with the theme and colors and what people think of it?

[2] What color eye makeup do you think would look good with it?

[3] What accessories would look good with it?

I really don’t want the makeup nor the accessories to over kill the dress since it is the main focus and where there’s so many things going on from the waist down, I don’t want to overpower it.


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