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Can you identify this True Temper SW5 garden tool?

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Several members of my family have used these garden tools for twenty or more years. We always called in a "scruffle hoe" but I’ve since learned that’s incorrect. This particular hoe is shaped similar to a hockey stick, with the blade attaching to the handle at one end. The handle of the hoe owned by my mother reads "True Temper SW5."

I recently emailed True Temper after not finding the tool on their website. I took several pictures as they weren’t able to find any info using "SW5" and still they didn’t know. The rep that tried to help even checked with some of the so-called old-times of the company and they didn’t recognize it.

I’ve also brought printouts of the pictures I took of my mom’s True Temper to various hardware stores & gardening centers. No luck.

Last, I’ve used Yahoo to search several times for more info, using any of the info I have. Nothing.

The only place I’ve found it for sale is on eBay, and it’s a used item with no further description. You can see the listing & picture if you check the auction link below.

Please respond if you know the name of this hoe or where I could find that info. You’ll solve a family mystery! =)

eBay auction –

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