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Are Plants Still Good Gardening Gifts?

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Gifts are not only guaranteed to surprise, but they are bound to make your loved one feel even more special than they already are.  Gardening gifts are always in season and with more and more people “going green”, that makes giving plants a great gift.  It has been shown that many  customers prefer their living plants over cut flowers because they last much longer.  If you are looking for unique gardening gifts that will keep on growing and giving for many years – look no further.

Plants are fantastic gardening gifts for any person who is a nature lover. Plant gifts can be of various types, which include bonsais, anthuriums, orchids, chrysanthemums, bromeliad, etc. Gardenia bonsai are an example for indoors plants. They can also be kept places where it obtains filtered sunlight.  Other gardening gifts include clay or ceramic pots with saucers to put them on, so as not to spill any water.  The gifting of plants is quite common in the professional world as well.  For instance, if you were a real estate agent, sending plants as gardening gifts to your client says thanks – and helps them remember you.

When choosing plants for gardening gifts, it is important to keep in mind a few things. This will ensure that you make the perfect choice for home or office.  First, find a plant that is easy to care for. Houseplants are wonderful gardening gifts, but if they require dedicated maintenance, there is every chance that the gift will not be as appreciated as you intended.  Next, try to see how the recipient might use the plant.  Is it to brighten up a room?  Will it stand out by itself as a symbol of importance? Does it hang in the bathroom?  I think you get the idea.  Purchasing plants with the ability to brighten a room or highlight specific features will ensure that your gardening gifts will be appreciated for years to come.

Smaller trays for the windowsill or porch are quite popular gardening gifts and attractive too.  If you’re purchasing for someone who doesn’t quite have the “green thumb” yet, you may consider bamboo as caring for the plant is very easy.  One word about cats: many common and beautiful plants are deadly to them.  Before you bring home a floral arrangement, plant a border of day lilies, or send gardening gifts off to your friends, make sure you know what to avoid.  Lilies, including Easter lilies, tiger lilies, stargazer, rub-rum or Japanese showy lilies and day lilies – are particularly toxic to cats.  Let’s keep our pets healthy.

For the gardener who seems to have everything, gift certificates for compost or quarter-10 gravel (for improving drainage and for mulching) will be much appreciated.  You can even make your own coupon to be used for a day of work in the garden, a day of garden tours (you pay the admission and gas) and lunch.  If you have a truck, you could offer a trip to the dumps.  But, far and away, the easiest gardening gifts are certificates to a nursery. You could enclose it with a card and attach it to a plant catalog as well.  😉

Gardening Gifts

Gardening Gifts

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