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Does this short scene from a screenplay sound good?

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Charles and his young nephew, Timothy, are sitting in their living room.

So where do you want to go for your eighth birthday, Timothy?

I was thinking about the Olive Garden.

No, not the Olive Garden! I hate that place! With all their overpriced food, their fake décor, their transvestite waitresses and three pronged forks! You know why that place is so expensive? It’s because they have a monopoly on the Italian restaurant market! If you want Italian food, you have to go to the Olive Garden! There are no other options!

Yes there are!

And one more thing-

OK, OK, we won’t go to the Olive Garden! Jesus Christ!

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    I need shoe advice? help please?

    Friday, March 18th, 2011

    So I’m going on a date to Olive Garden in 10 minutes and found out I don’t have the shoes I wanted to wear with me (I’m in a dorm right now, the shows are at my house).
    So I need to know which ones to wear.
    My outfit is a black dress, my only accessory is a black watch with silver detail.
    My shoe options are: brown Ugg boots, white platforms, black sport flats (which are kind of dirty), or black sneakers.
    I know nothing about fashion so please help me. I want to make a good impression.

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      Which place is best for our reception?

      Sunday, February 13th, 2011

      We have 10 guests for our wedding and reception. Our budget is about ,000. Which place is best? The wedding is in January (not this year) in Anchorage Alaska. Our colors are different shades of blue, but those colors don’t need to carry over into the reception decor.

      The options are:
      Terra Bella Cafe: an organic coffee shop and cafe. The food is lovely, they have beautiful art on display, they have two fireplaces, and it is a place we frequent as a couple. We would probably have to rent this palce out special, in the evening, which could be spendy, but it would also be very private. Here’s a photo of an event going on in there, so you can see kind of what it looks like.

      Then there is the Corsair Restaurant:
      Fine dining restaurant with a full (expensive) bar and delectable cuisine. When my fiance and I ate there before, it cost about 0 to feed both of us, including drinks for him, since I am still underage (won’t be for the wedding!)
      Here’s their website:

      And Lastly, Little Italy:
      This is where we had our first date (it was rather painful but kind of funny to look back on). It is an Italian restaurant that is better than Olive Garden but not exactly fine dining. The food is more reasonably priced, but it is much busier, and the intimacy may not be there like it would at the other places. Unfortunately I don’t have a link for this place.

      What do you all think?

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        Are my parents selfish? Or is it Just me?

        Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

        Okay, they’ve always been telling me about how when they were little, their moms and dads barely bought them nice things. Now in the future, I feel like this too. I think the nicest thing they bought me is my phone (0). And they always say that everything is too expensive,(yeah right), my mom spends it all on designer Coach and Micheal Kors, and my dad is part of the NRA and he buys really expensive rifles (100-500 dollars) plus bullets and accessories. Look, but we’re pretty much "well-off" my dad is an engineer and my mom an RN(registered nurse) together, their salaries are like A LOT. And I have this friend who lives with only her mom who works as a hair stylist at Super Cuts and bought my friend and her siblings a puppy,(I’ve been wanting one forever), new clothes (Juicy Couture), a new phone (it’s touch screen), but my parents I believe, make more money than her mom. But my parents always tell me that everything I want is expensive, yet they don’t think the stuff they buy are expensive. Once I asked them if we can have dinner at Olive Garden and they told me it’s too expensive, then 2 weeks later they have lunch there with a friend! I also feel like they spend more time at work, they seem like they don’t like being at home with me and my brother. My dad always has meetings on Sundays and my mom has work on New Years day. I am confused….

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          help with an outfit to wear to a special dinner….?

          Thursday, January 20th, 2011

          alright so my boyfriend invited me to eat dinner with him and his family at olive garden for his birthday… what do you think i should wear.? how should i do my hair.? im 15..i have blonde hair that’s up to my about my boobs….i was thinking of wearing this dress…
          (well its similar….the bottom part is black and then the top part is plain grey…i would wear some nice Accessories.. ) and then maybe putting my hair in a side braid..or maybe leave it down and curl it…or leave it down and straighten it..or leave it straight and put it half way up… this,….…..but you tell me what you think would be best….and include some pictures if you can…thank you much in advance.!

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            Is there a case of ex girlfriend taking advantage?

            Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

            she came back into my life after years (long story), we never broke up technically, just long distance since she moved to diff state didnt work out, ive been hanging out with her recently and i think i have fallen for her again….but the problem is, i make about 0 a week (chump change for you Angelo, mr doctor and all >:) and it feels like i got no money and time for my bro’s anymore.


            dining out (hey olive garden is pretty expensive)

            love making accessories (jk)

            random things (perfume, purse bags, stuff for apartment, etc.)

            did i mention she came back into my life (physically wise) this friday, i get paid on thursday and by sunday my money was gone, am i just a easy to take advantage non jew who sucks at handling money, or is it worth it and should i treat her good, or is she playing me because she knows i got the hookups (gas stations, colleges, and clubs), and am i an idiot for posting all this, that is the true question.
            LOL Lina thanks, you just changed my life, i still cant believe the coolaid guy is trying to be funny with me, what audacity haha

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            Where do I find Olive Green Small Kitchen Appliances?

            Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

            I am decorating my kitchen with a itiliano/olive garden feel. I want cooking wine, small wine racks, exotic olive oils, lots of earthy tones like olive green, cream, and sand. I want to know some great ideas for my theme. I also wanted all the countertop appliances and such to be olive green b/c that is my base color. Kitchen-Aid used to have a olive green color in their set of hand mixers, blenders, toaster, and microwaves, which is, of course, now that I want it, gone. Where can I find three things: great decorating tips and tricks for the kitchen (theme in mind or general), where can I find olive green appliances (no fridge, stove, or freezers countertop appliances and accessories only), and where can I get theme specific ideas or help? Any help would be so appreciated as I want the kitchen done before we renew our vows 🙂

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            What should the bridesmaid wear to the rehearsal dinner?

            Monday, October 18th, 2010

            I am a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding. Her rehearsal dinner is at local restaurant back home (similar to Olive Garden atmosphere). What should I wear, I know my cousin is going to say whatever I am comfortable in, but one of the girls is wearing a cocktail dress. I was hoping to slide by with a summery skirt and tank top since it is in the end of July. I was going to wear a pair of dressy flat sandals with some accessories too.

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            Can you help me add more background to my paper?

            Thursday, October 7th, 2010

            This is my first paragraph of my 5 paragraph essay,all I need is one more sentence of background and I’ll be done.ANY ideas?

            Why not go somewhere where the customer comes first and everyone who enters the door is taken care of? When Olive Garden visitors walk inside they will soon see the decor is Italian. From the grape vines decorating the wall to the employees uniforms Italian themed, it all has a little touch of Italian. Olive Garden is the best restaurant because of its prices, service, and delicious cuisine.

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