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Is this a good deal for my wedding and reception?

Friday, January 21st, 2011

A large house I plan on using for my wedding/reception includes:

Planning & Guidance
Private Reception Room
Tables & Chairs & Setup
White Table Linens and napkins
Cake, gift, & head table linen
Head Table Candelabras
Permanent Botanicals
Traditional Center Pieces
Complimentary Parking
PA System, Projector, & Screen
Extensive Garden Views
Corporate Rates with Area Hotels
Post Event Cleaning
Free ceremony – minister not included
1 hour use of facility for bridal portraits

This is ,100 and my budget is ,000. I have a friend of my cousin who does pictures and is probably not going to be more than ,000 or so, and a friend who is going to DJ (hopefully he will DJ) for free. I am going to need a few flowers and decor probably, my bouquet, dress, cake, champagne for 70ish and two flutes, dinner for 70ish, and favors. Does this sound reasonable? I get six hours of event time. Oh and of course I will need a guest book! Am I missing anything? 0 is going towards our bands… and 0 or so on my dress. Hopefully we can spend less.
I could do it Sunday for ,500, but I want it in the evening… starting at 5 and ending at 9… ouch to my guests who have to work!! Would 3 be a weird time to start??
Well this is HONESTLY the cheapest place I have found. Most places start at ,000 WITHOUT food! I’m in the Houston area. Sadly, everything is high. We can actually do our own catering. Hell, we could cook and bring it in if we wanted and for 60-70 that’s not hard!
Then how does ANYONE do it for 00? Do they get married in the street and go out to Papa’s Icehouse for a reception??
Oh wait, the cake is included.. nice!

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    Is there a way to pull duct tape off fur without extreme pain?

    Sunday, November 28th, 2010

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    *looks up*

    Not my TD’s guys…..

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