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Any ideas on how to make a few extra dollars?

Monday, November 8th, 2010

I have been brainstorming on how to make a little extra cash on the side of being full time. I work pretty much all hours of the day throughout the the week and weekends. I have a part time security job as well but really dont have time to pick up hours there. I have tried to sell some things around the house on Ebay, things not being used. Nothing really sells. I also have a small business selling home and garden decor and that is slow as well. Any other ideas on how to make that extra dough? Thanks in advance Travvis
LOL, by the way, I am 29 years old, already have a kid and work at a group home so I do plenty of babysitting. A paper route may be out of the question unless I can get a fixed schedule.
I am pretty good at odd jobs as well. I work on a lot of small engine, outboard, motorcycle and vehicles on my spare time. But unfortunatly, I dont get paid for it because its mine!!!
And the big ladies? I guess they need lovin too, but not from me. I have a fiance.

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