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What do you think of my story? Be brutally honest?

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Chapter One – Clockwork

Tuesday 14th May
Outside Her House

That’s what I love about her the most. The way I can predict her every move, she’s like clockwork. She is clockwork.

I’m in the same bush that I was in yesterday, the low branches hide my figure but I can still see her beautiful face. Sometimes she comes close enough for me to smell her perfume. It’s times like those when I become intoxicated and it takes me a while to become aware of my surroundings once more.

By this time, she’s taken out the trash and gone back inside and my hopefulness of seeing her for that much longer has been taken away from me, snatched from my hands before I can even get a firm hold.

It’s the same routine for her every single day. From the outlines I can make out from my spot in the shrubberies, she wakes every morning at 6:45am. No earlier, no later. From here she immediately walks to the bathroom to begin her morning rituals of showering before brushing her long dark hair and cleaning her teeth with the Mickey Mouse toothbrush that she bought for a dare from the convenience store on the corner.

On certain days she spends longer than usual choosing an outfit, but she never takes more time than needed. She’s never been one to dwell on beauty or accessories, and she’s never realized just how beautiful she is without the poison of make-up and pink hair bobbles.

After a small breakfast of Lucky Charms cereal with whole fat milk, she proceeds to watch an episode of SpongeBob Square Pants before I receive my reward. The time that I wait so patiently for every single day arrives between 8:00am and 8:30am, a time where she feels she needs to make her presence known. Whether it’s just to check on the rose bush in the top corner of the garden or to take out the trash or even to simply get some fresh air, between these times I can finally see her beautiful face without the filter of glass or curtain.

When the time finally comes for me to ignore the stab of pain as she goes back inside, I switch places to the bus stop down the street. Ten minutes later – sometimes fifteen if it takes longer for her to find the coat that she usually shoves in the back of her closet – she walks past me and walks the three blocks to the Starbucks on Green Street. Sometimes, I can smell her perfume as she walks by. Sometimes, she smiles at me. But as I watch her as she walks away down the street, perfect hair blowing in the morning breeze, I know that she’ll never see me for me.

I’m just the person on the corner who waits for the bus every morning.

I’m just the person who waits in her garden for her to wake.

I’m just the person that she loves, that she pines for but just doesn’t know it yet.

I’m just the person that is going to make her realize who I am.

One way or another, she should know how I feel.
The story in general is about a girl who has a stalker. At the start of each chapter, there will be an extract from the stalker stating his point of view. This is the extract from the first chapter. I haven’t gotten any further, because I want to know your opinion first.
Constructive criticism is love. <3
Thanks in advance!

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Is there a case of ex girlfriend taking advantage?

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

she came back into my life after years (long story), we never broke up technically, just long distance since she moved to diff state didnt work out, ive been hanging out with her recently and i think i have fallen for her again….but the problem is, i make about 0 a week (chump change for you Angelo, mr doctor and all >:) and it feels like i got no money and time for my bro’s anymore.


dining out (hey olive garden is pretty expensive)

love making accessories (jk)

random things (perfume, purse bags, stuff for apartment, etc.)

did i mention she came back into my life (physically wise) this friday, i get paid on thursday and by sunday my money was gone, am i just a easy to take advantage non jew who sucks at handling money, or is it worth it and should i treat her good, or is she playing me because she knows i got the hookups (gas stations, colleges, and clubs), and am i an idiot for posting all this, that is the true question.
LOL Lina thanks, you just changed my life, i still cant believe the coolaid guy is trying to be funny with me, what audacity haha

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas (read below)?

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Mother’s day is not till next month, but time flies by so quickly, and I would really want to get an early start because my mother is extremely hard to shop for. I would like to give something PRACTICAL to her….the keyword is practical….something she can use.

Please exclude the following: candles, perfume, lotion, blankets, mattresses, poems, songs, photos, collages, spa day or going out, shoes, clothes, jewelry, hair stuff, garden decor, window stuff, anything that has to do with the house or decorations, blenders, kitchen stuff, entertainment (cds and dvds), food, purses, watches, gift certificates or gift cards, money, electronics, blowdryer, sunglasses, gift baskets, keychains, anything to do with car kits because she does not have a car and I can’t afford to buy her one and plus she does not know how to drive and no I do not want to buy a lesson to learn how to drive, picture frames, sewing kits, baskts, anything home-made, etc.

Told you it was hard!

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